Ja Rule & Lil’ Romeo Win Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards

Mariah Carey’s single ‘Loverboy’ featuring Da Brat & Ludacris was a winner at Friday’s second annual Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards in the category of top single sales. Meanwhile, top rap album went to Ja Rule (‘Pain Is Love’), while top rap single went to Lil’ Romeo with ‘My Baby’. Other winners included Alicia Keys, who topped the awards with four, Usher, Ginuwine, and Jagged Edge.

‘Like Mike’ Premiere Photos

WireImage.com has a bunch of photos from Thursday’s premiere of ‘Like Mike’ at Manns Village Theater in Westwood California. On hand were Chris Tucker, Keyshawn Johnson, Da Brat, Lil’ Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, and 3 Down. Check out the pictures from here.

Young MC Wins Celebrity Weakest Link

Young MC beat out Xzibit in the final round on last night’s Celebrity Weakest Link Rappers Edition, with $31,500 going to Young MC’s charity. He got some grief from host Anna Robinson for not having a hit since 1990. Here’s some of the highlights:
– Be Real missed the easiest question of the night – what is 3 times 4, answering 7, getting plenty of grief and getting voted off immediately afterwards
– Jermaine Dupri was the first person voted off
– Da Brat was the only female rapper on the show, and she advised host Anne Robinson to get dreadlocks.

JD Talks So So Def Remix Album

MTV News caught up with Jermaine Dupri who is hyping the upcoming release of his So So Def remix EP due out June 18th. Dupri said, “It’s gonna have three new Bow Wow songs for the Bow Wow fans. The first single is called ‘Basketball.’ Me, Bow Wow and Fabolous redid Kurtis Blow’s ‘Basketball’. I’m talking to Puff now, he’s got this Faith remix with Freeway on it that [producer] Just Blaze did. I’m about to get that if I can find more money. Jagged Edge got a song with TQ on there. Roc’s got a record on there, we did a ‘Take Ya Home’ remix with everybody from So So Def on there, and Da Brat has a new record on there.” Read more.

Da Brat Leaves New Voice Message

Da Brat left a new message on her official website on September 19 telling fans that Mariah Carey is doing fine and everything is great, telling ‘true fans of hers’ that Mariah ‘sends her love fo’ sure.’ Also, she said the new album is coming out in January and she apologized for her foul mouth during the message littered with profanity. Her site has since shut down.