Dead Prez ‘Summertime’ Video

Dead Prez are out with the video to their new single ‘Summertime’, which comes from the duo’s new mixtape ‘Pulse of the People’, out now on DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Music Group. Watch it below.

Dead Prez & Adam Tensta Stockholm Show Highlights

RHM TV was on hand for the Dead Prez show with Adam Tensta at Kägelbanan in Stockholm, Sweden on February 10th, capturing some backstage and onstage highlights on their YouTube channel. Watch it below.

The Degradation Of Hip-Hop

I thought I’d never see the day that I’d begin to turn a deaf ear to Hip-Hop! Our Mainstream artists have lost the music’s inspiration and purpose to degrade women, sell drugs, murder, pimp, and steal through music. I can’t even listen to 90% of hip hop records being played on the Radio anymore, I have a 9 year old daughter and it’s embarrassing for me as an African American man to listen to what’s being played. Where are the true and genuine hip hop artists, has MTV and BET influenced our youth so much that we as a people have no power on the direction of our music? Maybe I’m getting old, maybe it’s more about the money than the music, I just know at one point in my life I would have defended hip hop until my dying breath. You would look like a complete fool attempting to defend the majority of artists out today. It’s shameful that this music will influence an entire generation of children to aspire for nothing more than a necklace, rims, sex, drugs, and Machismo! I seriously doubt I’ll be a fan of rap music for much longer! I’ll continue to support the Talib’s, Kanye’s, Mos Def’s, Dead Prez etc. I’m at a cross roads with music I once loved and I’m not sure how to get that love back!

Dead Prez Talk Reparations

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Dead Prez have been one of the more outspoken duos in the history of Hip-Hop. From Hip-Hop culture, to reparations, to their community, they have never been tight lipped about much of anything. In 2004 they see America as a country that needs change and they have some concepts of what those changes would be if they were in charge. explains “we’d just start institutin 100% change from the grassroots up and the people that’d been the workers would now become the bosses and we’d clear up the game. The hoes would become the pimps. We’d turn the whole sh** upside down, and it’s not if, it’s when. We ain’t fantasizin dawg, we strategizin.” To read all about what they’re strategizing to do, and how they feel white people fit into the equation, click here.

Dead Prez Says MTV Is Scared Of New Video, Readies New Book

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Dead Prez have shot a video for their first single, ‘Hell Yeah’, directed by Gil Green, but they believe they will get no major rotation on MTV according to M1 of Dead Prez. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Label Realignment: What Does It Mean & How Does It Affect The Artists?

Contributed by AdamBernard:

In the past few months the industry has gone through some major changes. Warner Music Group has consolidated Atlantic and Elektra into a single operation, Universal Music Group has folded its DreamWorks label into Geffen Records and BMG North America has realigned its U.S. labels and operations by expanding RCA Music Group to include Arista Records and relocated LaFace Records and So So Def Records within their newly formed Zomba Label Group.

Patrick Reilly, VP of Corporate Communications at BMG Worldwide, M-1 and of Dead Prez, Imani and Booty Brown of The Pharcyde, Carl Thomas (Bad Boy Records) and Curtains (Radar Records) all sat down to discuss this situation with To find out what label realignment is really all about and how it will affect the artists, click here.

Dead Prez Album Release Party

Dead Prez held their ‘Revolutionary But Gangsta’ album release party on Tuesday (March 30) at Social Club in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Dead Prez, Common & Talib Kweli Perform At Benefit Show

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The Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) is launching a benefit concert called the ‘Poetic HealthCare Plan Initiative’. Performers will include Common, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Killah Priest, Hasan Salaam and other Wu-Tang associates. The article at has since been removed.

Dead Prez Tell Fans to ‘Turn off The Radio’ caught up with M-1 of Dead Prez about their mixtape/compilation release on November 12, called ‘Turn off the Radio’. “We got an album dropping on November 12 called ‘Turn off The Radio’, but it’s actually a mixtape and were featuring it and it has brand new sh** from us and our camp,” M-1 explained. “Remember that, November 12, look for it everywhere. The real joint is coming off of Sony, so look for that early next year. But this is something to tide you over in the meanwhile.”