DMX Lookin’ Victorious Over Ja Rule

Well we still haven’t heard DMX’s diss of Ja Rule, but so far most of you think he’s gonna come out looking like the victor in his beef with the Murder Inc. star. 61.6% of you said X is gonna Ja Rule, while only 11.3% said X is all bark and no bite, Ja Rule’s gonna kick it. 14.3% say it’s all publicity, while 12.9% hope the two keep it on wax.

Our latest poll focuses on the Eminem dust-up with Moby and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, hardly a beef that’s gonna bring Slim any street cred. What do you think about it?

DMX Spotted At Vision Nightclub

The Chicago Sun-Times reports DMX, who is recording an upcoming album in the Windy City, was spotted chilling out at Vision nightclub this week.

Ja Rule Tells DMX: Let’s Take It To The Streets! had the audio clips, since removed, of Ja Rule going off on DMX on Hot97 Friday. After Ja went off, they spoke with Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti who says money isn’t the question with the beef, but he hopes the thing gets resolved and tells X to “Check yourself.”

DMX And Ja Rule Beef Gettin’ Ugly

According to the Wendy Williams message boards, the beef between Ja Rule and DMX just got really ugly. Ja reportedly called into Hot97 and was, according to a post, “yelling at the top of his lungs and was telling DMX to come get a piece of him! He was calling him a crack head and everything!” This was in response to DMX’s appearance on Power 105.1 earlier today where he went off on Ja. Now people are hoping this don’t reach the street. Hopefully some audio clips or more details on this will emerge soon.

DMX Says Gotti Could’ve Had The Balls To Talk To Him

DMX has growled back to the New York Daily News following Irv Gotti’s comments on San Francisco’s KMEL-FM saying that X was doing his Ja Rule diss track because he was “a tad jealous”. “Gotti could have had the balls to talk to me,” DMX fumed. “He’s my friend. That’s fu**ed up. I’ve been trying to holla at him for a minute and he hasn’t called back. Oh sh**. That’s crazy.” DMX says he’s already recorded the ‘Ruled Out’ single, but isn’t sure when he’ll release it.

Ja Rule Dis On Pledge May Not Be Aimed At DMX

Contributed Anonymously:

As noted on this site, Ja Rule is clearly making comments about someone on the Remix to the Pledge with Ashanti and Nas. However, DMX may not be the target. If you listen closely, he starts by say whats up Suge, then refers to the “Dog” in question as “Bitch Dog” and comments that the rapper in question has curls… Hmmm sounds less like DMX and more like Snoop.

Note: He also says “murder would be the case,” another Snoop reference. I’d agree it’s about Snoop. You can download the track off KaZaA.

DMX Prefers Movies To Music.. More Money, Less BS

MTV News caught up with DMX to talk about his latest movie ‘Cradle 2 the Grave’. X says he prefers the film work to the music biz. “I can sell 5 million albums and only get a half a million dollars,” he explained. “One movie, I’m up to like $8 million. It’s less headaches, and they actually treat you with respect in the film industry. In the music industry, you’re just another n—a who can rap or just another n—a who can sing. That’s how they treat you, that’s how they dispose of you. ‘Oh, we got another one here. Forget about him, we got another one just like him.’ They always got another one just like you.” Read more.

DMX Not Impressed With Cars At Flex’s Car Show

Ren of has on hand at Saturday’s second annual Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show. DMX was there but didn’t seem too impressed with the autos on display. “I ain’t seen nothing yet,” he said. “I’m going to check out my joints. My mans and them are already here, and they already told me the competition is none. You can eat off the bottom of my car, dog. You could flip my car upside down and eat off chrome. I’m a connoisseur, man. I’ve got a few joints, man, from like 1930 to like 1970. [My favorite one] is not finished all the way, but it’s my ’57 Cadillac Fleetwood. From the back door to the tail is chrome.” The full story at has since been removed.

DMX Reportedly Dating Sade’s Sister reports DMX is dating Sade’s little sister and is hoping to collaborate with Sade later this year. X told MTV News a few days ago, “I wanna work with Sade. I’d love to work with her. We’ll reach out.” Last I heard DMX was still married to Tashera Simmons. Hmmm….

Irv Gotti Blasts DMX For His Comments On Ja Rule

Irv Gotti sounded off on the news that DMX is upset at Ja Rule. Irv said in an interview on a San Franscisco radio station, “What’s going on is DMX is totally 100% in the wrong.” Irv pointed out several Ja songs that DMX never would have made and asked, “What the heck is he talkin’ about?” Irv let DMX get his digs in to “dig his own grave.” He does admit that ‘Holla Holla’ “does sound like DMX, but the rest of his whole career, none of his records sound nothing like you dog.” He’s sayin’ DMX is jealous ’cause his last album, ‘The Great Depression’ didn’t sell well. Gotti also took shots at X and Jay-Z for doin’ nothing for him even though he’s done a lot for both of them. Finally, he touched on Nas, having good things to say about him. Listen to the interview at