DMX Posse Still Packing Heat + More

The New York Post reports that they’ve heard DMX showed up at Blender magazine’s cover photo shoot with 20 friends, a stripper, several automatic weapons and some beer.

East Coast Fans Get Free DMX Tour

DMX has announced he’ll be touring along the east coast of the United States for free for his ‘Hoodstock’ tour.

X will be performing atop an 18 wheeler truck with shows that begin October 12 in Washington DC and ends on November 1 in Atlanta. Listen to local radio for dates and times.. but because they’re free shows, look for very brief, and very late notification.

DMX Posse Packs Pistols

The New York Daily News reports DMX and his four bodyguards arrived at the party to celebrate Ja Rule’s album release for ‘Pain is Love’ only to be stopped by NV Club’s security as the DMX posse were carrying 4 guns. After an argument with the manager, the guards agreed to leave their guns at the door. Also partying it up were of course Ja Rule, and rapper Eve, and the now skeletal Whitney Houston.

Top DMX Search Queries in August, soon to be called, has their top DMX related search terms for the month of August posted. ‘DMX lyric’ yielded the second most number of results to ‘DMX’, which received over 33,000 searches. While most searches related to the rapper, some refer to the Reebok shoes and DMX audio equipment.

DMX Talks To MTV’s Sway has Sway’s interview with DMX, where he talks more about the delay of The Great Depression.

DMX mentioned the rumored beef he had with Jay-Z in his Jadakiss track, Uh-Hunh!… DMX says, “If I was referring to Jay-Z, I’d have said, “Jay-Z.” I would’ve said a lot more than that if I was referring to [him].”

DMX gave his comments on Aaliyah telling Sway, “Her life was a blessing in mine. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t even want to think about that right now.”

You can check out the full transcript of the interview here.

DMX’s The Great Depression Pushed To Oct 23 Release

MTV reports DMX’s The Great Depression has seen its release date slide from September 25th to a new date of October 23rd following Def Jam Records decision to delay the release of Jay-Z’s sixth album, The Blueprint.

DMX sounded none too pleased by the decision telling MTV, “[Def Jam] gonna do what they gonna do, and I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do.”

“I don’t even give a f— no more, because I know when my sh– drops, it’s gonna be hot sh–, you know what I mean? It doesn’t even matter no more, dog.”

DMX Comments On The Aaliyah Tragedy

DMX talked of the loss of Aaliyah at following her death in the Bahamas last weekend saying, “Talented, classy, warm, beautiful, compassionate, humble best describes my memories of Aaliyah, a down to earth sister with enough energy to put anyone on a cloud. How unfortunate.”

In addition, R. Kelly label, Jive, issued a statement on his behalf saying, “R. Kelly is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Aaliyah.”