50 Cent Warns Dr. Dre

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On the Radio 1 Rap Show, 50 Cent told host Tim Westwood if Dre works with The Game on his next record it will create beef between them. He said something to the effect of “Dre knows what he’s in for, he saw what happened with Ja and the ‘New York’ joint. You stand next to Ja you get fired on, anyone who stands next to Game’s gonna get it.” BBC.co.uk has since removed the audio. Soon after, Game called into a radio station in Cincinnati to confirm that Dre is contributing the majority of the beats for his sophmore release, ‘The Doctor’s Advocate’.

Dr. Dre’s High Standards Leads To Long Wait For ‘Detox’

Mike Elizondo spoke with Billboard.com about his work on Dr. Dre’s long-awaited album reportedly to be titled ‘Detox’. “There will be another Dr. Dre solo album, without a doubt,” Elizondo insisted. Asked why it has been six years since his last release, Elizondo said, “Dre has very high standards. He wants to shock the world and put something out that no one would have ever thought possible from a hip-hop artist. He’s definitely going to take his time and make sure it’s right, but there will be a collection of songs that will come out as a Dr. Dre solo album.”

Dr. Dre Not Keen On Highlighting 40th Birthday

According to popbitch.com, when BBC Radio 1Xtra arranged a special day of programming to celebrate Dr. Dre’s 40th birthday on February 18th, the rapper wasn’t so excited about it and station bosses sent out the following e-mail to their hosts: “Aftermath Records in the States are VERY unhappy with us drawing attention to the fact that Dr Dre is going to be 40 years old – so tone down the mentions of him turning 40. Just say it’s his birthday so we’re going to celebrate with Dre Day.”

JoJo Eyes Dr. Dre For Help On Sophomore LP

JoJo is also already thinking about her second album and declaring her wish list of collaborators. “This is so weird, but I would really like to work with Dr. Dre … because nobody would expect that,” the 13-year-old singer told MTV News. “This really is the year of Kanye West, but I feel Dr. Dre is so amazing and I would love to work with him.” Read more.

Dr. Dre’s Honor

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Last night, at the Vibe Awards, a fight broke out. Someone was stabbed when rapper Snoop Dogg was trying to honor Dr. Dre. Yeah. Later it was learned that stabbing someone is one of the most common ways to honor Dr. Dre.”

Dr. Dre Gets His Groove Back, Revives Plans For ‘Detox’ LP

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As late as August, Game thought he had it — Dr. Dre’s last-ever recorded rap verse. While working on Game’s debut LP, Dr. Dre got in the booth and rapped on a track; shortly afterward, he told the young artist, “That’s it.” No more Dre raps. Earlier this year, Dre announced he had given up on his long-awaited ‘Detox’ album to focus on producing the wealth of talent signed to his Aftermath imprint, which includes 50 Cent, Game, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and Eve. Now Dre’s plans have apparently been revamped, which is hinted at on Eminem’s ‘Encore’. Read more.

‘Rude And Obnoxious’ Eminem & Dr. Dre Denied Dinner

A source at Walt Disney Worlds Ritz Carlton Orlando tells Us Weekly that Eminem, his daughter Hailie, and Dr. Dre were denied dinner at the Ritz restaurant because Em and Dre were so “rude and obnoxious.” The source revealed, “Their bodyguards threw one of the waiters into a plant, causing him to fall on the floor. We said we didn’t need their business. Plus they were dressed terribly!”

Premiere Of Scratch Magazine, Dr. Dre Postpones Detox Album

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Many hip-hop fans would argue that artists wouldn’t be anything without the producers and DJs behind them. So with reverence to the brilliant minds that make us bop our heads, the makers of XXL and Slam magazine (hoop fans know what I’m talking about) have released Scratch Magazine. The feature story is with Dre. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

Dr. Dre Dumps Detox

Dr. Dre tells XXL magazine he has abandoned his highly anticipated album ‘Detox’. “…I just had a birthday: I turned 39 years old. And I was just in my bedroom having pillow talk with my wife and I just came to the realization that I feel more comfortable doing what I do – producing,” he explained. “And at the moment, I said [it felt] like a big-ass weight was lifted off my shoulders.”