Dr. Dre And Eminem Don’t Dwell On Color

Tables have turned for Eminem, a white rapper who Dr. Dre introduced to the world in 1999. Now Slim has signed and unleashed 50 Cent, a black artist who many predict could become the next rap sensation. “It’s kind of funny how it works, isn’t it?” said Eminem. “When we’re in the studio, I don’t look at Dre and go, ‘Wow, you’re black!’ And he doesn’t look at me, and say, ‘Wow, you’re white!’ We don’t dwell on color. This is about music. Art. If 50 was white or Spanish or purple and rapped as good as he does, he’d still be in the same position. My prediction: This guy is the next big thing.”

Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent Featured In New XXL

XXL magazine has an interview with Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent in their latest issue.They discuss everything from how it got started to beefs and much more. There is even a section on Shady Records that features spots and pictures of D12 & Obie Trice. Not to mention a section on Aftermath Entertainment and it’s future artists & plans many of which are featured on DJ Green Lantern’s mix tapes.

50 Cent Says Dr. Dre Is Best Of The Best

50 Cent tells Launch.com that Dr. Dre is rap’s best producer. “Dre is the best producer I’ve ever worked with,” he said. “I worked with, you know, some good producers–like, I was with the Trackmasters for a little bit, and Jam Master Jay. I had all of them. But Dre is a different type of…like being comfortable with the lyrical content, I haven’t worked with a producer that was more comfortable with me doing whatever I want to do.”

Dr. Dre Pushes Back ‘Detox’

Dr. Dre tells MTV News that pushed back the release of his highly anticipated ‘Detox’ from next summer to the end of 2003 in order to produce Ice Cube’s new album. “I haven’t heard him on the mic just yet,” Dre said. “He’s got a couple of tracks that I think are banging, so I’m just waiting to see what he is going to come with.” Read more, including his comments on 50 Cent’s new album, here.

Dr. Dre Goes On Strike For $50 Million Payoff

The New York Post reports Dr. Dre made a huge pay-off when Vivendi bought Interscope’s parent, Universal, last year… $50 million to be exact. According to a source close to Interscope, Dr. Dre believed it was his hard work discovering and developing such top acts as rap superstar Eminem that was behind the $50 million bonus label chief Jimmy Iovine had previously paid himself. So when the new owners moved in, says the spy, the Doctor made it known he’d hold back his talents if he wasn’t paid a fat windfall of his own. It worked.

Eminem, Dr. Dre & More At ‘8 Mile’ Premiere

Last night’s premiere of ‘8 Mile’ at Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California had a huge list of celebs in attendance. Amongst them were Eminem, Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Obie Trice, Queen Latifah, and many more. Check out pictures from WireImage.com.

Eminem Buys $280,000 Bentley For Dr. Dre

The Sun reports Eminem has spent $280,000 on a white Bentley for Dr. Dre. Slim picked up the ride in Beverly Hills as a Christmas gift for his producer. Eminem commented, “He knows I’d be nothing without him.” Eminem is driving the car until it’s time to present towards the holiday.

Dr. Dre Says Acting Isn’t Difficult At All

With Dr. Dre’s movie ‘The Wash’ coming out in the UK this weekend, he talked with Radio 1 about his acting role. “It’s pretty much the same thing as I’ve been doing. It’s not difficult at all. I don’t see it as being hard at all,” he said. “I liked acting in this movie. I don’t know if it’s something I’m going to be pursuing, you know, an acting career and what have you, but if a part comes along and I think I can do well at it, I’ll do it.”

Truth Hurts Calls Dr. Dre A Genius

MuchMusic caught up with Truth Hurts earlier this week who was promoting the album ‘Truthfully Speaking’ in Toronto. The Dr. Dre’s protégé was full of praise saying, “It’s been an excellent experience, I’ve learned a whole lot. And the rewards have been great.” She later added, “I appreciate Dr. Dre, he’s very great at what he does, he’s a genius.”

Dr. Dre Contributes Goldmember Rolling Stones Remix

The track listing for the Austin Powers ‘Goldmember’ soundtrack has emerged and on it is the Dr. Dre’s 2002 remix of ‘Miss You’, The Rolling Stones #1 hit single from their 1978 release ‘Some Girls’. While the movie doesn’t come out until September 19, the soundtrack will hit stores July 16th. Read on for a track listing.