Jay Pharoah’s Thanksgiving Rap

Last night’s ‘Weekend Update’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ featured Jay Pharoah showing off his rap and impersonation skills as he presented ideas for a Thanksgiving hip hop song. Video of the clip featuring Jay as Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls can be viewed via NBC.com below.

Lil Wayne Joins Drake On Stage In Las Vegas

Highlights from Lil Wayne’s first on stage performance in Las Vegas on Saturday (November 6) since being released from prison during Drake’s concert have been posted online. “I’m back, It feels good to be back,” Weezy told the audience. “If you love me like I love you, please make some motherf**king noise. I’m fresh home from my vacation and ain’t nothing, nothing, nothing like home.” Watch it via YouTube below.

7 Things Drake Can’t Live Without

Drake revealed to MTV’s ‘The Seven’ 7 things he cannot live without, including family, friends, music, his BlackBerry, tea and all his fans. Watch the comments via MTV.com below.

Drake KUBE 93 2010 Summer Jam Highlights

Drake performed at the KUBE 93 2010 Summer Jam concert at the White River Amphitheater on June 18th. DJ Hyphen and mind of i shot some footage of the performance from the side of the stage. Watch it via YouTub below.

Drake ‘Miss Me’ Video Ft. Lil Wayne

Drake 'Miss Me' music video

Drake is out with the music video to her new single ‘Miss Me’, featuring Lil Wayne, off the Canadian rapper’s debut album ‘Thank Me Later’, out now on Young Money Entertainment. Shots featuring Weezy were filmed before his incarceration. Watch the Anthony Mandler directed video via Vevo below.

Drake 'Miss Me' cover art

Drake Can Text With His Eyes Closed

At the Blackberry Torch for AT&T launch party, Drake showed everyone in the crowd his amazing texting skills, making funny faces along the way, while BOPtv cameras rolled. Watch it via YouTube below.

Drake Closely Studied Nas Crafting His ‘Thank Me Later’ LP

Drake visits Walmart Soundcheck

Drake made an appearance on Walmart Soundcheck for a live set. The Canadian rapper and actor performed ‘Forever’, ‘Bedrock’, ‘Successful’, ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Over’.

During an interview, Drake discussed how he treats his listeners like his friends, the team that surrounds him being his strongest suit, being on one of the greatest teams in hip hop history, the challenge of doing an entire disc of original material after his mixtape past, influences and more.

“The main focus for me was, studying and discovering a rapper that I can honestly say when I grew up I never really listened to that much, and that was Nas,” Drake explained. “When people start to notice your rhyme pattern, like they notice that I do a certain rhyme pattern, and I just wanted to break free of that on this album. So to do some different flows. A lot of rappers right now sort of follow that four bar rhyme structure. Nas is the only person that I can really think of that breaks away from that and it’s almost hard to detect how he’s writing his raps, so I really sat down and studied how is he figuring out the beginning and middle and end? Where does each bar end? Where does each line end? I really listened to a lot of Nas.”

The performance and interview can be viewed at soundcheck.walmart.com. Check out additional pictures from Drake’s visit after the cut. (more…)

Drake ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Performance & Interview

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ welcomed Drake to the show last week, where the Canadian actor/rapper talked about his Cash Money boss Lil Wayne urged him to stay true to himself. “He always encouraged me and everyone else on Young Money to be myself,” Drake explained. “He really was like ‘please never stop smiling. Please never get a tattoo. Just be yourself. That’s why people like you.'” Drake also joined Jimmy in a comedy video ‘Tweet Tweet’, where the pair took celebrity Twitter updates and turned them into rap lyrics. Drake closed the show performing ‘Over’ and was joined by Nicki Minaj for a performance of ‘Bedrock’. Fan filmed footage of his performance and the Twitter song below.


Drake ‘Over’ Video

Drake 'Over' music video

Drake is out with the video to his new single ‘Over’, the first release from the Canadian rapper/actor’s debut, full-length studio album ‘Thank Me Later’, out June 15th via Cash Money. “I love the song,” Drake told Billboard. “I love the message in the song. It’s funny, because ‘Over’ is the fourth song on the album and it’s the turning point in the album. It’s like, you get three songs of me sort of trying to paint the picture of what the last year has been like for me — trying to fill you in, almost let you into my world as much as I can.” Watch the Anthony Mandler directed video via Vevo below.

Birdman ‘4 My Town (Play Ball)’ Video Ft. Lil Wayne & Drake

Birdman 'Priceless'

Birdman is out with the video to his new single ‘4 My Town (Play Ball)’, featuring Lil Wayne and Drake, the fourth release off the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper’s fourth solo album ‘Priceless’, out now on Cash Money. Watch it via Vevo below.