Easy-E’s Game Was Being Real

Donnell Alexander of the Los Angeles Times spoke with Tomika Woods-Wright, chief executive of Ruthless Records and the widow of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright on the artists legend in hip hop, that often gets overlooked when compared to the tributes given to Tupac or Biggie. She said, “Eric did know the streets and he did have game. His game was being real. He showed that there are so many different ways to get to that point everyone is trying to get to.”

Eazy-E CD/DVD Package In Stores Today

On the seventh anniversary of his death from an AIDS-related virus, rapper Easy-E is being memorialized with a DVD/CD and comic book release, ‘Impact Of A Legend’, which was released today. The package features a documentary including interviews with N.W.A. members, a biography, interactive timeline, discography, photo gallery, and TV appearances, and 10 classic videos featuring the rap pioneer.