Elephant Man Intervew With BallerStatus.net

Contributed Anonymously:

On the week of Elephant Man’s Atlantic release, we were one of the few fortunate e-media outlets to get an opportunity to meet with him face-to-face. I wanted the interview to focus on Ele’s history and upbringing. While many others have just started to hear about him and only know to ask him about his current status, I knew to focus the attention on other things, that were both relevant and tangible. Read the interview at Ballerstatus.net.

Elephant Man Good 2 Go

Contributed by AdamBernard:

To say Elephant Man is easy to find in a crowd is an understatement. He describes himself saying “I got blonde and red hair, I’m a very nice person, I’m crazy on stage, I’m very talented and the ladies should know that the anaconda is wily and not goin’ nowhere.” His smile is almost endless and his joy is genuine. Elephant Man really loves what he’s doing, and why shouldn’t he? After years of hard work he’s finally found mainstream success with the wildly popular “Pon De River,” and his latest album, “Good 2 Go,” just hit record stores the first week of December. Recently, Elephant Man took the time to sit down with ReactMag.com, read the full interview here.

Lil’ Jon Films Get Low Remix Video In Miami

Contributed Anonymously:

Lil’ Jon, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Starr, Ying Yang twins, East SideBoys, Drag On and Elephant Man were all in the house on Wednesday (September 24). They were all there for the filming of Lil’ Jon’s ‘Get Low’ remix video. Filmed at club Manage on South Beach. Lil’ Jon added some Miami flavor to the song with a salsa maranga verse. No word on when the video will debut.