Eminem ‘Rap God’ Video

Eminem 'Rap God' music video

Eminem is out with the music video to his new single ‘Rap God’, off the Detroit, Michigan rapper’s eighth studio album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’, out now on Interscope Records. The video, directed by Rich Lee, features Eminem parodying Max Headroom and includes references to ‘The Matrix’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Eminem 'Rap God' cover art

Bad Meets Evil ‘Lighters’ Video Ft. Bruno Mars

Bad Meets Evil 'Lighters' music video

Bad Meets Evil, featuring Detroit rappers Royce da 5’9″ and Eminem, are out with the music video to their new single ‘Lighters’, with a guest appearance by Bruno Mars. The track is off Bad Meets Evil’s debut EP ‘Hell: The Sequel’, out now on Shady / Interscope Records.

Eminem said on Shade 45 he wanted to make a song different from the styles of the rest of the album with ‘Lighters’. “Bruno Mars is incredible, man,” Em explained. “The dude’s an incredible talent, you know what I’m saying? The way he sings and some of the notes and sh** he hits, he’s fu**in’ sick with it… Let’s not stick to the basic and typical album structure, you know, the way everybody else is doing things and try to be… you know, go out of a way to do things. Let’s just have fun with it and see where it takes us.”

Watch the Rich Lee directed video below.

Bad Meets Evil 'Lighters' cover art

Nick Cannon: Stop Asking Me About Eminem

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon checked in with his Twitter followers (@NickCannon) earlier this morning, talking about the death of a childhood friend, not having a beef with anyone, and not wanting to be asked about someone he and his wife Mariah Cary have feuded with in the past, Eminem. Nick writes:

Just heard another childhood friend lost his life to some senseless gang violence. We are grown men now, why are we still doing this?

I thank God everyday for the blessings and the favor he has on my life. I could’ve easily got caught up in of them Southeast streets

And we I’m grown man reflecting… I don’t have “Beef” with anyone. Beef is real street shit. My life is too good to be mad with anyone.

So to the media and people who keep trying to perpetuate old stuff. It’s silly at this point. Please stop asking me about Eminem.

Dr. Dre ‘I Need A Doctor’ Video Ft. Eminem And Skylar Grey

Dr. Dre 'I Need A Doctor' ft Eminem music video

Dr. Dre is out with the music video to his new single ‘I Need A Doctor’, featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey, off the veteran rapper’s third solo album ‘Detox’, out soon on Interscope Records. Watch the Allen Hughes directed video via YouTube below.

Dr. Dre 'I Need A Doctor' ft Eminem cover art

Eminem Supports The Motor City In Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Eminem appeared in a Super Bowl Commercial for Chrysler during Sunday’s big game. “This is the Motor City and this is what we do,” the Michigan rapper said after cruising through the streets of his hometown. Watch it via YouTube below.

Nick Cannon Talks Eminem, Chelsea Handler & ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Thisis50 caught up with Nick Cannon for an exclusive interview, where Mariah Carey’s husband talked about the Eminem situation and being a fan, says what he would say to Slim if he was right in front of him, spoke about Cory Gunz and his beef with Chelsea Handler, announced that Jack Thriller could be on the upcoming season of ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and more. “I’ve always been a fan of the dude’s art and the dude’s music,” Nick said of Eminem. “Now he’s sayin’ it’s all entertainment, and if there’s gonna be entertainment let’s give them some real entertainment. Let’s put some [gloves] on and get in the ring.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Eminem ‘No Love’ Video Ft. Lil Wayne

Eminem 'No Love' music video

Eminem is out with the music video to his new single ‘No Love’, featuring Lil Wayne, off the Detroit rapper’s seventh studio album ‘Recovery’, out now on Interscope Records. Watch the Chris Robinson directed video via YouTube below.

Eminem And 50 Cent Pull A Prank On Lloyd Banks

Eminem and 50 Cent pranked Lloyd Banks backstage at the Yankee Stadium before the Eminem and Jay-Z concert, claiming that they heard Banks say he didn’t want Em on his new album ‘The Hunger for More 2’. Eminem and Fiddy then give Banks his gold plaque for his hit single ‘Beamer, Benz, or Bentley’. “They got me good with that one,” Banks confessed. Watch the prank via YouTube below.

D12 Discuss New Album, Eminem, Bugz & Proof

D12 talked with Tim Westwood on BBC 1Xtra about Bizarre’s new album and his birthday, Eminem’s recovery, and losing Bugz and Proof. “We always kept in touch,” Kuniva said. “We always were in the studio when he’s in there. He’ll be lookin how he looks and it didn’t look good at the time. At that time he really had to go through what he went through and hit bottom, because he can only help himself. He didn’t recognize his own problem until it all came.” The discussion prompted Bizarre to joke that nobody talks about his addiction to horse tranquilizers. Watch the interview via YouTube below.