Eminem’s Ex Calls Detroit Radio Show

Kimberly Mathers called 95.5 FM’s Mojo in the Morning Show in Detroit on Thursday morning to say that Eminem’s divorce filing was a surprise to her. “I was hoping we could go to counseling and work things out but he sent an attorney to my house with papers and said that [Marshall] filed for divorce,” she said. Kim also alluded to Eminem’s past drug addictions coming back to haunt him. She said that he moved out of their mansion six weeks ago and is now living in their Oakland County home. Eminem responded to the interview with an e-mail stating: “The details surrounding both my marriage and subsequent filing for divorce are private and I had hoped to keep them that way for the sake of my family. However, a few of Kim’s statements in the interview this morning need to be addressed. First, her allegations regarding my status post-rehab are both untrue and unfortunate. Second, she was aware that I was filing for divorce. We both tried to give our marriage another chance and quickly realized that a wedding doesn’t fix the underlying problems.” Channel955.com has since removed the audio.

Eminem Files For Divorce… Again

Reuters reports that Eminem filed for divorce this morning from him wife Kim — for the second time — after only 82 days of marriage. “I can confirm the divorce papers have been filed,” publicist Dennis Dennehy of Interscope-Geffen Records said. “Beyond that we have no comment.”

50 Cent Says Eminem Wants Him To Hold Off On Summer LP

50 Cent tells MTV News he was planning to release another album July 18th until higher powers stepped in. “Em didn’t agree with me,” 50 said of his Shady Records boss while on the set of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Enough Cryin” video. “My motivation wasn’t really right. I get a little frustrated from time to time and I got so much material that I make that isn’t being heard that I was like, ‘Yo, I just wanna release an album again.’ And he was like, ‘Nah, you gotta wait.’ I don’t care about none of that [timing], I just want the record to go out, but it just makes better sense to take our time and re-create the new album.” Read more.

Eminem’s Crew Roughs Up Tommy Lee After Kid Rock Diss

The New York Post reports Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee got beaten up in Detroit Saturday night for dissing favorite son Kid Rock at Eminem’s Shady Records party. “He was talking trash all day about Kid,” a spy revealed. Later, Eminem’s posse took some swings at the rocker after tiring of his Kid Rock insults. And when Lee was supposed to deejay that night in Shady’s penthousem, he ended up a no-show.

Shadybowl Superparty

Eminem hosted his Shadybowl Superparty on Saturday (February 4) at State Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Eminem Isn’t Quitting

After re-marrying Kim Mathers, Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Eminem is having a change of heart about quitting his rap career. “Em has just agreed a deal for a new remix album, plus another album later in the year, which will feature demos, B-sides and never-before-heard material,” insiders at his label Shady Records said. “All is good now she’s back on the scene. He won’t be quitting.”

Eminem And Kim Enjoy Quiet And Sober Wedding

A source tells Us Weekly that while guests at Eminem and Kim Mathers’ wedding on January 14th drank “a lot of Hennessy and Coke”, the re-newlyweds stuck with soda. The rehabilitated couple also made the reception short, returning to their estate at Meadow Brooke Hall in Rochester at 11 PM, so they could rest and host a pancake brunch the next day.

Why Eminem Remarried

Carson Daly joked during his Tivo monologue on ‘Last Call’ Thursday night: “Eminem and his ex-wife just applied for a marriage license. The two decided to get married when Eminem started running out of lyrics.”

Eminem Almost Pulls One Over On 50 Cent

50 Cent revealed that Eminem nearly pranked him out of turning down the role in his big-screen debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ after he phoned the rapper for acting advice. “Two weeks before filming he calls me and says: ‘They told me you’re going to do a movie?’ and I said: ‘Yeah they told me you said it was a good idea’,” 50 explained. “And he says: ‘And you went for that?’ He told me: ‘You’ll be there for three months, on set for hours, maybe 16 hours a day sometimes and they’ll say: ‘Oh 50 can you make us an incredible record while you do that too?’ so you’ll be writing all the time… I don’t know why you did that.’ So after that I was wondering what I’d signed up to.” But later, 50 said Slim called him on the set of the film and said “he was just fu**ing with me. Em is a good friend and a lot of things but, he’s an asshole too.”

Three reports on 50’s new film at TheSun.co.uk have since been removed.