Essay Potna Explains Story Behind Pimp C Tribute Song

Essay Potna checked in with his MySpace friends (@thaessay) on Friday (December 7) with the following bulletin regarding the Pimp C tribute song he produced featuring Lil Flip and D-Red:

Well First off I wanna say that I heard Bun B on 97.9 The Box say that the tribute song we did was “a Beautiful song” so I’m glad and honored to be able to shine some light on Bun B’s sad and tragic days! That beat was actually a beat I had lined up for Z-ro but Flip called me and said he wanted to do a tribute song for him cuz he was already in tha studio, so of course I was honored to be apart of such a special tribute song. After tha call I immediately started workin on tha beat and making some changes to it just to make sure it was up to par. I sent it to Flip and shortly after he called and said he was done with it. Flip’s good about payin his respects to tha fallen soldiers, datin back to Underground Legend when he did tha RIP SCREW song with Bizzy Bone. Not too long ago I produced tha TIME AFTER TIME beat for him to do tha Virginia Tech Tribute too. So anyways… on that note… Rest In Peace to tha big homie PIMP C!! Glad I could pay my respects in such a big way! Hold ya head up Bun!

Soulja Boy Crankin To Essay Potna At Piggly Wiggly

Soulja Boy and his friends Arab and Don Loc videotaped themselves crankin it on Thanksgiving at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store parking lot to the music of Essay Potna’s ‘Do It Like Me’, incorporating a tricked out Chrysler into the moves, then wrapping things up after getting spotted by police. Watch the clip below.