Hip Hop, Especially Eve, Plentiful This Week On Talk TV

Plenty of hip hop acts on talk TV this week. Monday will see Eve on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while Snoop and The Doggystyle Allstars visit the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn later than night. Tuesday Craig will also chat with Eve, then she’ll appear yet again that night on Last Call with Carson Daly. On Thursday, Conan O’Brien will chat with Ice T. Friday sees the other well known Ice – Ice Cube chatting with Craig Kilborn.

Eve Fashion Staples Are Shoes, Jeans & Wife-Beaters

Katrillion.com chatted with Eve about her love of fashion. “Shoes, first of all, I’m an addict. I was in Manolo Blahnik the other day and I bought these (shoes), they look like Timberland boots on four-inch heels.” Eve also is a big fan of jeans and t-shirts. “Me, I’ll do jeans with anything, jeans with a wife beater are like my favorite, favorite things. I could go to a party, it doesn’t matter, I’ll wear that anywhere!”

500,000 Pack Times Square Yesterday

TV Guide reports the NFL estimates that some 500,000 fans jammed Times Square on Thursday for its season opening celebration, dubbed “the world’s biggest tailgate party.” The event featured performances by Eve, Alicia Keys, Enrique Iglesias and *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone climaxed by Bon Jovi singing ‘America the Beautiful’.

Eve Talks New Album & New Movie

Meriah Doty of CNN chatted with Eve about her recently released album ‘Eve-Olution’ and her new movie ‘Barbershop’, which opens next Friday (September 13). On her movie career, Eve says, “I would love to do more movies. Hopefully I will be able to.” As for the new album’s titled? “Me picking ‘Eve-Olution’ wasn’t just because of the music or me coming out with a new look. I grew as a person before I even entered the studio,” she says. “Also, you can definitely hear my growth as an artist.” Read more.

Eve Wonders If She’s Supposed To Be Doing This

Lorraine Ali of Newsweek chatted with Eve about her new album, movie career, and about her former life and friends she tried not to leave behind, which she still raps about. “It makes you think, ‘Am I supposed to be doing this?'” she says. “For so long you and your friends are like, ‘Yo, we gonna get rich rapping!’ Then you get it and they’re like, ‘You changed.’ I’m saying, ‘Wait, isn’t this what we talked about? Isn’t this what we wanted?'”

Eve On The Conan O’Brien Show

Eve stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote her new movie ‘Barbershop’ and her new album ‘Evo-lution’. Eve talked about her dog paw tattoos, her nicknames, how she refers to her female friends as bitches, having male groupies, and shooting the ‘Barbershop’ film. Read on for a transcript.

Eve Stops By TRL To Talk New Album & Perform

Carson Daly chatted with Eve on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday. Asked about her collaboration with Christina Aguilera on her new album tentatively titled ‘Stripped’, Eve said “It’s hot. A hot, hot song like a girls anthem, talkin’ about how people run their mouths.” Asked if anyone specifically is called out in the track, like Eminem, Eve said, “Not really. Not really. Most of it is talkin’ about guys.” As for her own album ‘Eve-olution’, she credited it for her being “so happy” saying, “It’s the album. If you don’t got the album please go get it. It’s in out in stores right now. Go get it. I’m excited man, this is my favorite album out of every album, it is my favorite.” She later performed her hit ‘Gangsta Lovin’.’

Eve Gets Bored With Just Drums

Eve chatted with Entertainment Weekly about her new genre-busting album ‘Eve-Olution’. ”My ear for music is a little different that it was on the first and the second albums,” says Eve, explaining her increasingly melodic sound. ”I just love music. I get bored with just drums, you know? I listen to so many types of music, so I like to take what I hear and put it into my hip-hop.” Read more.

‘Eve-Olution’ A Tight Record

Eve 'Eve-Olution' album cover

Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine reviewed Eve’s new album ‘Eve-Olution’, giving it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Cinquemani writes, “Eve’s Eve-Olution might not change the order of the hip-hop food chain as we know it but it’s another tight record that will undoubtedly keep her, um, rydin’ high.” Read more.