Eve Is Thrilled With Alicia Keys Collaboration

Augustin Sedgewick of Rolling Stone spoke with Eve about her collaboration with Alicia Keys on ‘Gangsta Lovin”, the first single off her new album ‘Eve-olution’. “I’m thrilled with it,” Eve says of the track. “From the first time I ever saw Alicia at a pre-Grammy party like a year and a half ago I knew that when she came out she was going to be huge. I wanted to do something with her all along, and then I got this track and I just thought, ‘Who better to do it than her?”

Imagine Eve’s Tattoo Paw Prints In 50 Years

When asked in the September issue of Spin magazine if she’s afraid she’ll look like a freak in the nursing home with tattoo paw prints on her chest, Eve responded, “I don’t think so. I’ve seen older people with tattoos, and it’s cute, because they just look cool. It depends though. Once my titties start sagging they might look crazy.” She added, “Like, ‘This used to be a paw, but now it’s a hand.'”

Eve Talks About Her New Clothing Line

Eve spoke with Katrillion from the Teen Choice Awards recently about her new clothing line ‘Fetish’, and whether it reflects the new Eve. “It’s cute, sexy, but not vulgar and still comfortable, which I am right now,” she explained. As for what the pricing level will be, Eve revealed, “I’m going to make it affordable. It will be at Macy’s and Bloomingdales.”

Vin Diesel Was Impressed With Ja Rule And Eve In ‘XXX’

Vin Diesel was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday and when asked by Carson Daly what he thought about not only Eminem, but people from music crossing over into film. Diesel responded, “I think a lot of the artists, rappers out there are multi-talented and my experience, uhm, so far has been with Eve and Ja Rule.” Carson asked him how they were as actors. “They were both — they both took to the art, you know, I mean, they were amazing,” he stammered. “Ja Rule was hysterical onset. He improvised, he brought something to the table. Eve was sexy and comfortable. She actually, the scene in ‘xXx’ is the first scene she’s ever done in a movie, so it was her first time actin’ and I was incredibly impressed.”

‘Barbershop’ Was Good For Eve’s Booty

MTV News caught up with Eve at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday and asked about her upcoming role in ‘Barbershop’, which hits theaters September 13th. She spent two months filming in Chicago over the winter for her first starring role. “It was cold as hell,” Eve said of the experience. “I ate a lot. I gained a lot of weight, which was good for my booty. It was hard, but it was fun.” Read more.

Eve Says Alicia Keys Is Incredibly Talented

MuchMusic caught up with Eve to talk about her upcoming album, ‘Eve-olution’, which she says was done pretty much on her own. “This album, I did it pretty much by myself. I’ve never been in the studio, me by myself making songs,” said Eve. “I think artistically I learned a lot about myself, and I got to experiment a little more. I think I was less scared then I’ve been in the past to do different things with my music. It was cool.” As for why she chose Alicia Keys to collaborate with on the first single ‘Gangsta Lovin”, Eve said, “It’s like why not. I love Alicia, I think she’s incredibly talented and I needed a girl on a song, and why not Alicia Keys.”

Eve And Vanessa Carlton At MTV Beach House

WireImage.com has photos of Vanessa Carlton and Eve at the MTV Beach House for Total Request Live’s All Access Week. Check out pictures from the Seaside Heights, New Jersey appearance on Tuesday here.

Eve Visits TRL MTV Beach House

Eve stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to debut her new video with Alicia Keys – ‘Gangsta Love’. Eve talked about her new album, her new movie ‘XXX’, and her Fetish clothing line. Read on for a transcript.

Eve Says She’s All Right At Hairdressing

Eve chatted with TeenHollywood.com (WENN) about her acting role where she plays hairdresser Teri in hip-hop star Ice Cube’s new movie ‘Barber Shop.’ “We all had to go to barber school and I admit I’m all right at hairdressing,” she said. “But I learned you’ve got to have so much patience for that.” The transcript at Teenhollywood.com has since been removed.