Eve Teams With Reebok

Contributed by forever-madd:

AllHipHop.com reports Reebok has tapped Eve to appear in two print advertisements promoting the Classic Oryx and the Classic Gold Medallist. In addition to the “Blonde Bombshell” print advertisements, Eve will team with Fabolous to perform an original :30 spot about Reebok Classic sneakers.

Eve And Fabolous Hook Up For Reebok

Contributed by forever-madd: Launch.com reports that Eve and Fabolous have teamed up to create a television commercial for the Reebok Classic Cielo. Eve will also appear alone in two print ads promoting the Classic Oryx and the Classic Gold Medalist sneakers.

Fabolous Hates Country, But Loves Shania & Money

Blender magazine caught up with Fabolous in their April issue. Asked what type of music he hates, Fab said, “Country. We don’t hear a lot of country music in the ‘hood. But for some reason, I like Shania Twain.” As for what he does like — besides Shania, Fab says, “I like money. I love the culture of hip hop, but I also love the benefits. I love making the money. I’m a paper chaser.”

Lil’ Mo And Fabolous Are The Wonder Twins?

In a recent interview with Reactmag.com, Lil’ Mo talked about her maturation, her new husband (note: it’s NOT Fabolous), and her new child. She also spoke about her interesting relationship with Fabolous, saying they’re like the WonderTwins. Read more.

Fabolous Makes ‘Street Dreams’ A Reality

Rashaun Hall of Billboard.com caught up with Fabolous before the release of ‘Street Dreams’ on Tuesday. “I got a lot of compliments on the last album,” the rapper said of his ‘Ghetto Fabolous’ debut. “With this album, I was really trying to lead [from] where I left off on the last one.”

On TV: Fabolous, Nappy Roots, Ice-T

Several rap acts make appearances on television this week. On Monday, Fabolous performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Tuesday, we see Queen Latifah on The View, and the Roots on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On Wednesday, Missy Elliott performs on the Tonight Show, while Nappy Roots perform on Jimmy Kimmel. Thursday, look for Queen Latifah on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Ice-T will wrap up the week on Late Night on Friday.

Fabolous Has Acting Aspirations

After his appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live last week, Fabolous answered some fan questions from TRL e-mailers. One asked if he had any acting plans. “I definitely wanna try some acting in the future,” he said. “I’m just waitin for the right role.”

Fabolous Feels ‘Street Dreams’ Reaction Will Be Great

Fabolous was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday and was asked if he was nervous about the “sophomore jinx” ahead of the release of his second album, ‘Street Dreams’, which drops on Tuesday (March 4). “At first I was a little nervous,” he admitted. “I’m not gonna lie but after I see how much love I get from the fans and I continue to make the same good music, you know what I’m sayin’. I feel it will be great.” As for why he hooked up with Ashanti on the disc, he says, “I definitely called her up, she had a great voice. Her voice is demandin’ and I needed it on this song and I didn’t hear any other voices besides her.” Once again though, Fab was given the softballs, as MTV refused to ask him about his two arrests in two days.

Hip Hop Week On TRL

It’s hip hop week on MTV’s Total Request Live this week. On Monday, 50 Cent drops by the show. Then on Tuesday, look for Missy Elliott and LL Cool J. Wednesday, look for Fabolous to avoid questioning on getting arrested twice in two days recently. Then on Thursday, Cam’ron stops by. And on Friday, Nas closes out the week. Also making a TV appearance this week is DMX, who will promote ‘Cradle 2 the Grave’ on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday — and it looks like he’ll be performing too, being the only musical guest on the bill.