Fabolous Calls In Sick To Radio Show

Fabolous called into B96 in Chicago on Thursday where he talked about his cold ahead of his Jenny Jones appearance, what he does for Christmas, and his bling-bling purchases, being single, and his new single. Audio has since been removed.

Top Fabolous Related Search Queries

Overture.com has their top Fabolous related search terms up for the month of September posted. The rapper received 14,670 searches for the month no doubt helped by the release of his new album, Ghetto Fabolous, receiving 1797 searches on its own right… Of course the numbers are higher if you count the correctly spelled word Fabulous. As for the rapper’s real name, John Jackson, that only received 181 searches and considering it’s a common name, those searching specifically for the artist were likely much lower.

Good Info on Fabolous

RapSheet.com has a great article about rapper Fabolous and his comments about people saying he has a sound similar to Ma$e where he admits, “I think the comparisons were made because anything new that you hear, you gonna relate it to something. Kind of like food, like, ‘Yo, this tastes like chicken’, or something like that. I think that it’s more of people not knowing me so they tried to relate me to something they did know. I think that once I really got established it just kind of died out.”

Rap Leads The Pack In Weak Terrorist Effected Sales Week

Jay-Z looks poised to dominate album sales this week as his new album, The Blueprint, has sold 299,987 units with 65% of the total sales in, blasting the nearest competitor, Nickelback, with 136k in sales to this point. Fabolous’s new Ghetto Fabolous also looks strong with 109,167 sales putting it at #3. Rap is unseen though after that until the #28 position with Juvenile’s Project English. Devil’s Night continues its weakness coming in at #43 as the group tours without Eminem.