Fat Joe Hangs With Carson Tuesday

Fat Joe was on with Carson Daly on Tuesday to premiere his new video with Ashanti ‘What’s Luv?’, show off some of his jewelry, talk about the two year anniversary of Pun, and his desire to do a Latin street movie. Read on for a transcript from part of their chat.

Fat Joe Rips Current And Former New York Mayors

Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Daily News spoke with Fat Joe about his thoughts on the recent mayoral election in New York. Fat Joe said of the new mayor, “I think a lot of these politicians don’t do it for the love of the people. They do it for the power. As if Mike Bloomberg doesn’t have enough money or own TV stations, his hobby was to be mayor?” As for former mayor Giuliani, he said, “I didn’t feel like Giuliani was for my community. Sept. 11 is one thing and we applaud him for what he did, but as far as Giuliani being voted man of the year, that’s too much. What happened when people were getting shot for no reason 41 times and this guy was on the side of the cops?”

Fat Joe Visits TRL As Santa

Fat Joe visited the set of MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to hand out copies of his new CD and he also talked about his buddy, the late Big Pun. Fat Joe says Pun’s kid is starting to rap and he’s going by the name ‘Baby Pun.’

Fat Joe Talks R. Kelly Collaboration

Fat Joe talked to Katrillion about his collaboration with R. Kelly in his new hit ‘We Thuggin’. Joe said, “When I met R. Kelly, he was like, ‘Joe, we gotta do something. He only had to say that once; I was already on my way to link up with him.” Fat Joe’s ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy’ featuring the track hit stores earlier this week.

Fat Joe Track Listing

MTV talked to Fat Joe ahead of the release of his upcoming disc Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.), due December 4. Joe admits, “When [Big Pun] passed away, I heard all types of rumors, people doubting me. Everyone was acting like it was over for Joe, so I went in the studio, closed the door, and came back to that zone where Jealous One’s Envy was at, but I had to bring it back 2001 style.” Read on for a track listing, including his all-star company on the album.

All Hip Hop Talks To Fat Joe

All Hip Hop talked to Fat Joe about several issues including his thoughts on the terror attacks, a beef Jay Z and Nas seem to have against him, carrying the torch for Pun, and his upcoming first album. Joe’s reaction to the terror attacks and being there was, “I live in Jersey right across the river so I actually seen the building fall down. I was buggin’. They calling it the worst tragedy that’s ever happened in United States history and it happened right out my window. I’m a little fu**ed up over it.”