Flo Rida ‘My House’ Video

Flo Rida 'My House' music video
Flo Rida is out with the music video to his new single ‘My House’, the title track to the American rapper’s EP, out now on Atlantic Records. The treatment features breakdancers, but not Flo Rida himself. Watch it via YouTube below.

Flo Rida ‘Wild Ones’ Video Ft. Sia

Flo Rida 'Wild Ones' music video

Flo Rida is out with the music video to his new single ‘Wild Ones’, featuring Sia. The track is off the Carol City, Florida rapper’s fourth studio album ‘Only One Rida (Part 2)’, out soon on Atlantic Records. Watch the Erik White directed video via YouTube below.

Flo Rida 'Wild Ones' cover art

Flo Rida ‘Good Feeling’ Video

Flo Rida is out with the music video to his new single ‘Good Feeling’, off the Carol City, Florida rapper’s fourth studio album ‘Only One Rida (Part 2)’, out soon on Atlantic Records. The song contains a sample of “Levels” by Avicii, which sampled ‘Something’s Got a Hold On Me’ by Etta James. Watch it via YouTube below.

Flo Rida Talks About Being An Executive

Flo Rida is taking fans back to the start of IMG/Strong Arm and inside his executive office to discuss the early beginnings of building his international company and how they took their studio to the next level in his latest webisode of ‘There’s Only One Flo’. “As far as the whole process goes with being the executive of IMG Entertainment / Strong Arm Management, it’s one thing for you to be an artist and watch your career take off, but you have to take all of that in stride to being behind your own artists,” the rapper says in the video.

AJ Allmendinger On Using Flo Rida’s ‘Turn Around’ For Bristol Intro

Flo Rida in sunglasses

NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger talked with Sports Illustrated about how he’ll be using the Flo Rida hit ‘Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)’ for the March 20th driver introductions at Bristol. “I like a little bit of rap, some hip-hop, but I’m more of a hard-alternative rock [guy],” Allmendinger said. “It makes it kind of tough; either the song starts out really heavy and there aren’t a lot of words to it, or there’s some curse words and I don’t think Bristol will let me play most of those. I went with Flo Rida, it starts off ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ and it’s got a good beat to it. I wanted to pick something different that nobody is going to play, so I might be the only guy with Flo Rida. That will be interesting; we’ll see what kind of response I get. I was going to go with 50 Center ‘Baby By Me,’ but my wife said no to that. She said that wasn’t allowed.” Read more.

Flo Rida Keeps It Spontaneous In The Studio

Flo Rida in leather

Mike Ragogna spoke with Flo Rida in a Q&A for the Huffington Post recently, asking the Florida rapper about what it’s like for him in the recording studio. “For the most part, it’s real spontaneous,” the 31-year-old responded. “I find myself recording in hotel rooms because I’m on the road, busy traveling, I just come up with these ideas. That’s an experience you can never usually get being in places like London, Russia, Germany, and Belgium. I’m always inspired by the places that I’m at, going to clubs around the world and everything. I’m not the guy who needs purple Skittles or anything like that, it’s just me sitting in front of the console or me in the hotel room putting my thoughts down.” Read more.

Flo Rida Relaxes On The Road With A Massage

Flo Rida kind of smiles

Flo Rida did a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal recently, where the rapper talked about video games, appearing in a 2 Live Crew video as a teen, being big into cars and how he relaxes while out on the road touring. “Every hotel I go to I try to get a massage,” the Florida artist said. “Sometimes I sit back and watch a movie. If I’m in a city that I have an interest in I’ll go do the tourist thing. Like when I was in Greece I went to go see the Parthenon.” Read more.

Flo Rida Wishes Taylor Swift A Happy 21st Birthday

“Hi Taylor, this is your boy Flo Rida,” the rapper says introducing the video. “I just wanted to wish you a very, very happy 21st birthday. Matter of fact, I’ve got this song on my brand new album, what a coincidence, it’s called ’21’. Check it out.” Flo Rida is then seen at his concert in Detroit, Michigan on Monday (December 13) asking the audience to wish the country singer a happy 21st before performing ’21’. Watch it via Brightcove below.

Flo Rida Backstage At Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball

Flo Rida spoke with Roberto backstage at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball at The O2 over the weekend. The Florida rapper talked about how his live set went, taking off his shirt and giving it to an audience member, teaming with The Saturdays on ‘Higher’, his Christmas plans, film offers and wanting some action roles, and wanting to collaborate with Beyonce and Outkast. Watch the interview via YouTube below.