Foxy Brown Escapes Jail Time

TMZ reports that a Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson spared Foxy Brown from a year in jail for violating her probation by traveling out of New York without permission earlier today. Read more.

Foxy Brown Alleges Police Brutality

Foxy Brown has another run in with the law – this time she claims police brutality, saying she’s being targeted by police. “The only crime I’m guilty of committing is being a young black female,” Brown said. A video report from has since been removed.

Judge Warns Foxy Brown

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson warned Foxy Brown on Monday (December 11) that she will wind up behind bars for a year if she doesn’t cooperate with probation officers. The judge told Brown, “For this one time, I will give you a chance.” But, she warned, if Brown fails to cooperate again, “I will sentence you to a year in jail.”

Foxy Brown In Court For Probation Violation Accusation

The Associated Press reports Foxy Brown was summoned to court unexpectedly Monday (December 11) after being accused of violating probation stemming from a fight in a nail salon more than two years ago. Brown “is flouting the court-ordered conditions of her probation,” said Shawnda Weinberg, a lawyer for the city Department of Probation. “She’s asked for special treatment. She’s told us, ‘I’m not like them (others on probation)’.”

Power 105.1 Gives Foxy Brown The Boot

The New York Post has details on Foxy Brown’s visit to the Egypt and Ashy show on Power 105.1 FM in New York City, where the rapper was dodgy about a report being dropped by Def Jam and was later told to leave after she refused to discuss her conviction for assaulting a manicurist. Brown fumed, “I am not answering you. You are disrespectful.” She then berated Egypt, “I told you when I called you what type of questions I wanted for my interview.” Egypt finally commanded, “Foxy, you leave the room… this interview is over.” The full story at has since been removed.

Foxy Brown Pleas Out In Assault Case

The New York Daily News reports Foxy Brown is headed to anger management classes after pleading guilty yesterday to throwing a full-blown diva tantrum at a Chelsea nail salon. But minutes after copping a no-jail plea deal in Manhattan Criminal Court, Brown learned how restricted her life will be on probation and tried to take back the plea. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson told the rapper’s lawyer, “Your client may have had a change of heart, but it’s too late now.”

Foxy Brown To Go On Trial For Assault Monday

The New York Daily News reports that on Monday, Foxy Brown is to go on trial in Manhattan Criminal Court on assault charges stemming from a August 2004 incident where the rapper allegedly punching and kicking a pair of Chelsea manicurists. “It wasn’t about money or anything,” a worker at Bloomie Nails explained. “She wanted a manicure, and she paid for that. But we were about to close, and she decided she wanted a pedicure, too. We said we couldn’t do it, and she started arguing.”

Hip Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting

Papoose, Jim Jones, and Foxy Brown attended The Hip Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday (July 12) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event uses Hip Hop as a platform to empower youth in community and educational involvement. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Foxy Brown Assault Trial Pushed Back

The New York Daily News reports through her new lawyer, Robert Kalima, Foxy Brown asked to have her trial for allegedly attacking a Chelsea manicurist pushed back. Judge Melissa Jackson reluctantly agreed to delay the start of the Def Jam star’s case until to August 28th.

Foxy Brown Misses Court Date

The New York Daily News reports Foxy Brown didn’t show up for her court date in Jersey City on Tuesday, but narrowly avoided a warrant for her arrest when her accuser was also a no-show. The Jersey City official said an arrest warrant for Brown wasn’t issued because her accuser mistakenly went to Hudson County Superior Court and never found her way to the right courtroom.