G-Unit Signs Arab Prince To Label

Media Take Out reports that while in Bahrain, the G-Unit signed its newest member – Prince Addullah Al Khalifah Of Bahrain, nicknamed “The G-Unit Prince.” The Prince showed the crew all the trappings of his lavish lifestyle, including his prized automobile collection. The full story at mediatakeout.com has since been removed.

Put A Sock On 50 Cent’s G-Unit

Joy Bryant spoke with friends about filming a nude scene with 50 Cent in ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”, though the rapper didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to be literally naked. The New York Daily News reports that the actress told friends, “He came out butt-naked. I told him to go to the wardrobe department and go put a sock on.” The G-Unit mainman then reappeared wearing the biggest sock anyone had ever seen.

G-Unit’s New Opening Act

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For those living in Connecticut it didn’t come as much of a surprise when it was announced that Mook & Fair would be opening for the likes of G-Unit, T.I., Mike Jones and Young Jeezy. The Waterbury duo have been making noise within the state for quite a while and this is just the next step in their journey. Recently Mook & Fair sat down with The Reality Box to talk about who they’ll be opening for, what it means to them, and what audiences can expect from their shows. For the full interview, click here.

Will Mase Join G-Unit?

Mase tells MTV News that he’s looking to leave Bad Boy and head over to the G-Unit crew. “When I came back to Bad Boy, they didn’t want me to go where I wanted to go [with the music],” he said about the content of his comeback LP, last year’s ‘Welcome Back’. “They wanted me to do what was safe for them. I had to pretty much sabotage myself. Everybody knows who I am. I ain’t going to be 50. I ain’t gonna be Usher, but right in between.” Read more, including Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ reaction to the news, here.

50 Cent: G-Unit Clothing Outsells Sean John & Rocawear Combined

50 Cent is quick to point out the success of G-Unit Clothing to AllHipHop.com. “G-Unit Clothing did $55 million its first year. Sean John did $23 [million] and Rocawear did $18 [million],” he said. “So like I said, I don’t mind doing deals behind pole, as long as I do it better. I have their information. I can see what worked for them and what didn’t.”

G-Unit Discussion Is Out Of Order

Looks like G-Unit are keeping a clamp down on discussion about The Game getting the boot. The official forums for G-Unit, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo are down — as is The Game’s. They all read: “This message board is down. Please check back later.”

50 Drops Game From G-Unit; Shots Fired At Hot 97

MTV News reports that one man was wounded in a shooting at New York’s Hot 97 Monday night (February 28) just as 50 Cent was making an appearance at the radio station to announce that the Game had been booted from the G-Unit. Police said a man in his 20s from Los Angeles was shot in the left leg during an altercation at the station and was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital. The injury was not serious, and the victim is expected to fully recover. Read more.

Admin posting at G-Unit World: “Basically G-Unit was on one radio station Power 105 and Game was on Hot 97. There was fans calling in and taunting Game and telling him that 50 was talking about him on the radio station and …yes…its true…50 kicked Game out of G-Unit. Game is rockin it solo. 50 is mad towards Doc Dre too because he didnt spend much time on his album like he did with Game’s. This sh** is going crazy like, 50 said basically he is done with Shady/Aftermath.”

G-Unit World Chats With 50 Cent

GUnitWorld.com caught up with 50 Cent to discuss his new album ‘The Massacre’, due out March 8th, and what the other guys G-Unit have going on. Asked how it will be different from his ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ debut, 50 responded, “Oh man, there’s some major differences between these records. I went back, I put the things that I missed on ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ and I added a lot of details. I feel like this record is better than ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’. I can’t wait to see how the general public embraces it.”

Bay Area Artists Messy Marv And Guce Leak 50 Cent, G-Unit Diss Track

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While G-Unit has gone up against a lot of artists — Ja Rule and his Murder Inc. crew, Joe Budden, Memphis Bleek, Yukmouth, Guerilla Black, Bang Em Smurf — now they can add two more enemies to the list. Bay area artists Messy Marv and Guce have leaked ’50 Explanations’, a new track taking shots at the crew. Read more.

Monica Allegedly Pregnant By G-Unit Rapper

SupaCindyOnline.com and AllHipHop.com are reporting that word on the street is that Monica is pregnant by one of the members of G-Unit, and Cindy hears it’s Young Buck, who may be headed to jail for his role in the stabbing at the Vibe Awards back in November.