RZA & GZA At Bardot In West Hollywood

RZA and GZA of Wu-Tang Clan were spotted outside Bardot in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (January 21), chatting up a couple girls before hopping in a waiting limo. Watch footage below.

GZA Talks With Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine recently sat down with GZA to discuss the state of hip hop, how the “kids” are different, the importance of paying tribute to ODB on the Wu-Tang Clan’s new album ‘8 Diagrams’, and his plans for ’08. “There’s a lot of money involved now,” GZA said. “When hip hop was started, back in the ’70s, a lot of the young were into gangs, violence, drugs, and things of that nature. So it also gave them something to do other than get in trouble and all that. It was a positive thing when it started.”

Video at Maxim.com has since been removed.

50 Cent Responds To GZA: Genius Should Shut Up

50 Cent is firing back at GZA after the Wu-Tang Clan rapper dissed the G-Unit mainman along with Soulja Boy at a concert in London (video). 50 said, “Recently I seen a video on YouTube, and the video was of the GZA. That’s short for the Genius. Yeah he’s the genius. I’m sure everyone else has forgotten who the GZA is also. This guy gets on the stage, and obviously he’s drunk and he starts talking about Soulja Boy, who’s 16 years old. Shout out to Soulja Boy. He had a hot song, he produced the record. Genius should shut up. Just shut up. Kids 16 years old, and we googled you, and you were born in 1966. Listen, I have an old school Chevy Impala your age. This is not even right. This doesn’t even make any sense ladies and gentleman.”

50 continued, “Listen, the genius from Wu-Tang has declared all out war on Soulja Boy, this makes no sense. Now I understand why an artist would feel a little animosity towards me, I’ve been dominating. In fact, if you like me I’m gonna wonder why. This is really upsetting to me, what’s going on with Wu-Tang right now. I hear they’re upset with the RZA. He started the Wu-Tang. Made the beats. Okay sure, yes he has all the money. His brother made 20% of everything. What’s his brother’s name Powerful? He made the money too. RZA and his brother made the money, but they deserved it. They designed it. They built it. The rest of them nigg**** was on dust, and not paying attention to what was going on at the time.” 50 then clarified before a beef with Method Man erupted that he was his favorite Wu-Tang member. YouTube has since removed the video.

GZA: I Did Diss 50 Cent, But Not Soulja Boy

In an interview with Sid Fly of optimumfilms.com, GZA clarified his recent comments – and the crowds comments – about 50 Cent and Soulja Boy at a London concert. “First of all, Soulja Boy is a young dude,” GZA said. “I would never go at him like that, it was just people in the crowd saying what they felt. I just asked them what was they saying, cause I couldn’t hear at first, but I guess they weren’t filming at the time. But I did say that 50 didn’t have any lyrics. I did say that, it’s obvious. But don’t twist it around. I said you don’t have lyrics. When it comes to talent, I didn’t think he was all that lyrical. Big deal.” Watch it below.

Gza Comments On Soulja Boy & 50 Cent

Gza talks Soulja Boy

Gza of Wu-Tang Clan commented on Soulja Boy and 50 Cent during a concert at Koko in London, England on Sunday night (December 9), telling the audience he expected the material on YouTube. While alluding to Soulja Boy being on television all the time in the U.S. and resisting any personal attacks, the audience members who did want to diss either artist were welcomed to his microphone. Gza then said to 50, “So what, go got a lot of money now… fu** you! You got a lot of money ni**a, you don’t got talent. You got a lot of fu**in record sales, you got a lot of money, but you don’t got talent, motherfu**er.” Gza then handed the mic to an audience member – twice – who said, “50 Cent and Soulja Boy suck di**.” As for the Wu, Gza said, “Wu-Tang is forever, motherfu**er.” Watch the clip below.

GZA’s Rhymes Are Rarely What They First Seem

GZA 'Legend Of The Liquid Sword'

Wu-Tang Clan founder GZA’s rhymes are rarely what they first seem. His knack for wordplay is legendary itself, and it’s hardly smoke and mirrors. “I take an awful lot of time to sit down and write, but I don’t take all that time to keep [listeners] puzzled,” he tells Todd Peterson of Las Vegas Weekly. He’s not trying to hide anything or play a game, but there is room for interpretation. GZA says, “To listen to something over and over and each time you listen to it you hear something different or you catch new things—then that’s being creative.”