Will Smith Weighs In On ‘Barbershop’ Controversy

Access Hollywood spoke with rapper/actor Will Smith about the controversy surrounding the new Ice Cube starring ‘Barbershop’, in which negative remarks about Rosa Parks has inflamed Rev. Al Sharpton and other black leaders. Even though Will is not personally outraged, he does understand why some are. “There’s a sentiment that we as blacks need to preserve our idols, need to preserve our people that have made their way to that position. Another part of the problem is that Barbershop is the only historical reference to Rosa Parks that some young black kids may even have, so that’s an issue. But I don’t think the problem is Barbershop — the problem is a lot deeper.”

Real-Life Barbershop Patrons Have No Problem With Movie

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times chatted with Lawrence Tolliver at his barbershop on Florence near Western Avenue about the controversy surrounding the Ice Cube starring ‘Barbershop’ which said there are three things black people are going to have to fess up to. Rodney King deserved a beating for driving drunk, and for being in a Hyundai, O.J. did it, and Rosa Parks didn’t do anything but sit down on a bus. Tolliver says had Rev. Jesse Jackson ever been to a barbershop, he’d know that kind of conversation goes on. Tony Wafford, who was in the barbershop added, “Al Sharpton ain’t been in no barbershop neither,” suggesting that Sharpton must be getting his cool-whip “do” at a salon. “Brother’s got all that [stuff] on his head that’s been out of style since ‘Superfly.'”

Barbershop Stays On Top At The Box Office

The Ice Cube comedy ‘Barbershop’ topped four newcomers to hold the top slot at the North American box office for the second weekend in a row, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday. The film raked in $13.3 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period, ahead of groupie comedy ‘The Banger Sisters,’ which opened at No. 2 with $10.3 million.

‘Barbershop’ Again Set To Top The Box Office

Early box office figures show the Ice Cube and Eve starring ‘Barbershop’ again set to top the box office, topping ‘The Banger Sisters’. Friday’s sales totals show ‘Barbershop’ getting an estimated $3.8 million.

Eve Came Into ‘Barbershop’ Like A Pro

Alisha Davis of CNN spoke with Ice Cube on the success of his new movie ‘Barbershop’. Cube praised fellow rapper/actor Eve for her role in the film saying, “You know, Eve was picked by Tim Story, the director, and she came in like a pro. This is her second movie, but she acts like she’s been in it for 10 years like me. This is definitely a second career for her.” Read more.

Cube Says Working With Dre Will Make Next Album His Best

The Ru Report spoke with Ice Cube on the success of his new movie ‘Barbershop’, the controversy created when Samuel L. Jackson complained about rapper/actors, and what’s going on with him and Dr. Dre. On the latter subject, Cube said, “I think me going full circle going to work with Dr. Dre, and my next album possibly being my best album, that’s the best thing I can do for my career. If we can make it happen, I’m all for it because he’s a genius. Who wouldn’t want to work with Dr. Dre?” Read more.

‘Barbershop’ Controversy Surprises Cube & Filmmakers

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the controversy over ‘Barbershop’ has caught filmmakers George Tillman Jr. and Robert Teitel completely by surprise. The film was screened for quite a large number of African-American audiences, so Rev. Jesse Jackson’s furor over politically incorrect comments about civil rights icons Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. made by Cedric the Entertainer’s character didn’t seem to be justified. For his part, Ice Cube has said, “People are making too much of it. It’s just a funny movie about a barbershop, and no one is exempt [from comment] at the barbershop. Just because we talk about people doesn’t mean we don’t love these people, too.”

Ice Cube Comments On Joining Dre And Aftermath

MTV News caught up with Ice Cube after word hit he had signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label. “[Me signing to Aftermath] was something that was kind of in the back in our minds for a while as far as Ice Cube’s camp,” Cube said. “We kind of felt around and saw if Dre would be interested in something like that. He was all the way with it. Once he was all the way with it, we just started working on putting the deal in place. We’re in the process of making it work. Hopefully next year you’ll see an album by Cube produced by Dr. Dre. For me it’s exciting because my next album could be the best album I ever released. To me that’s something that turned me on to where I just want to get on the mic.” Read more.

‘Barbershop’ Creating Some Controversy

Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister magazine was on Tom Joyner yesterday and talked about how successful the Ice Cube starring ‘Barbershop’ is doing, but that the film is causing a controversy within the black community as they disparage Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Jesse Jackson in the film. Tomjoyner.com has since removed the audio.

Ice Cube Explains What He’d Rap About

Brian Hiatt of Entertainment Weekly spoke with Ice Cube about his hit movie ‘Barbershop’ and his status in the rap business. Asked what he’d rap about in 2002 or 2003, Cube responded, “Not only how I feel about certain situations going on in the world, but just being honest about me, myself, what I’m about, the transformation that I’ve made — growing up. And I can still spit flame; I can still MC. If it’s all about bragging about who you are and what you’ve got, that comes easy. But I think with this record I want to go deeper than that. I’m not gonna rush it, though. I’ll do it as soon as everything is right. Anyway, I got more movies to do.” Read more.