Ice Cube Reportedly Signs With Aftermath

Even though he’s saying he’s “on hiatus”, Ice Cube has reportedly signed a deal with Dr Dre’s label Aftermath Records according to record label representatives. This has many hoping for an eventual reunion of the living members of N.W.A.

Ice Cube ‘On Hiatus’ As A Rapper

Associated Press spoke with Ice Cube about his new hit movie ‘Barbershop’ and that status of his music career. Cube says he’s “on hiatus” as a rapper adding, “I love to rap, and I love to act, too. But in this business, you can’t force it. You kinda have to be willing to go with the wave and what’s happening. And right now, the movie thing is happening.”

‘Barbershop’ Tops Box Office

Congratulations is in order for Ice Cube, Eve and company for winning the weekend box office with ‘Barbershop.’ The low-budget film grossed $21 million for the three days beginning September 13. ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ was far behind in the #2 spot with $11 million total.

Ice Cube Says NWA Opened The Floodgates Of Freedom

Bob Strauss of the Los Angeles Daily News spoke with Ice Cube on his days with N.W.A., where he admitted, “I’ve got more understanding about things now, so I’m not so angry about why things are the way things are.” Still, he’s not about to repudiate his incendiary, expletive-laden early work. “I think the true legacy of N.W.A. is that, for some reason, that record ‘Straight Outta Compton’ just gave freedom to artists all over the world to be whatever they are — and not have to conform or be something they’re not or not really say what’s on their minds,” he figures. “We opened floodgates of freedom — and there’s a lot of good in that and a lot bad in that, too. Y’know what I’m saying — without N.W.A., would you have a Marilyn Manson? I dunno, but to have people still doing that form of hip-hop to this day, it just kind of shows you how powerful that one record was.”

‘Barbershop’ Is Chock-Full Of Cutups

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe gave ‘Barbershop’ a 3 star review saying the Ice Cube starring film was “chock-full of cutups”. Burr added, “The movie is gentle enough to take older kids to yet radical enough to posit the notion that ‘you can’t get respect without giving respect.’ And it’s canny enough to hint that the real reason Lester the loan shark can’t be trusted is because he wears a toupee.”

‘Barbershop’ Too Serious For Its Own Good

Jeff Vice of the Deseret News reviewed the Ice Cube funded and starring ‘Barbershop’, giving it two stars. Vice said, “Frankly, Story is fortunate to have this cast. Ice Cube is naturally charismatic, even if he still mumbles his lines. And you can see Cedric the Entertainer pushing the material to be funnier than it is. However, the usually funny Anthony Anderson is awful as Ricky’s shifty cousin, whose subplot drives the film’s second half.”

Ice Cube On Barber Role

Ice Cube spoke with about his new movie ‘Barbershop’, which is out today. In his role as a barber, Cube explained what he added to give some personality to his character’s cutting style. “Just small little things, you know? The producers and Tim (Story), the director, they was up on it, man. Everything that I added was character things, and, you know, little things that I saw barbers do that I wanted to do, and it was just all about spreading it out, because I didn’t want to use all my barber moves in the first scene.”

Ice Cube Bashes LA Times Report On Notorious B.I.G.

Ice Cube is weighing in on the Los Angeles Times report claiming that the late Notorious B.I.G. orchestrated the killing of fellow rapper Tupac Shakur. Cube told, “Neither one of them wanted to kill each other or had anything to do with each other’s death.” As for his fellow rappers that continue the dangerous beef game, “When we start arguing in public, that’s the perfect time for someone to kill us and blame each other.”

Hip Hop, Especially Eve, Plentiful This Week On Talk TV

Plenty of hip hop acts on talk TV this week. Monday will see Eve on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while Snoop and The Doggystyle Allstars visit the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn later than night. Tuesday Craig will also chat with Eve, then she’ll appear yet again that night on Last Call with Carson Daly. On Thursday, Conan O’Brien will chat with Ice T. Friday sees the other well known Ice – Ice Cube chatting with Craig Kilborn.

Ice Cube To Have New Album Next Summer

Actor Ice Cube tells he still isn’t finished making records. “Right now, I’m in the process of changing record labels,” he said. “I left Priority. There’s a little time frame before I can do another record–that was a part of the whole little split-up. I should be out sometime next summer.” Meanwhile, on the acting side, he has ‘Barbershop’ out September 13th.