Hip-Hop Vs. Oprah

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This week Ice Cube has joined the short list of rappers who have publicly blasted Oprah Winfrey for not having Hip-Hop artists on her show, or, in the case of Ludacris, having them on and then reportedly treating them poorly. Let me just say I’m not a huge fan of Oprah’s interviewing style, I think she takes the spotlight away from her guests a lot of the time and puts it on herself. That being said I do respect the way she’s built her empire. It’s clear why someone would want to be on her show, all she has to do is recommend a book and it becomes an instant best seller, but do rappers really think Oprah can work the same magic for them? For the full story click here: adambernard.blogspot.com.

Snoop Dogg Joins Ice Cube During Vegas Gig

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Snoop Dogg made a surprise appearance at Saturday night’s Ice Cube concert at the House of Blues Music Hall (Mandalay Bay). The rapper was later eyed catching a late lunch at the Palms’ 24-7 Cafe on Sunday with Lil Jon.

Ice Cube Joins Voices Against Oprah

In an interview with FHM, Ice Cube is joining Ludacris and 50 Cent in criticizing talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. “I’ve been involved in three projects pitched to her, but I’ve never been asked to participate,” the former NWA rapper said in the magazine’s July issue. “For ‘Barbershop,’ she had Cedric the Entertainer and Eve on, but I wasn’t invited. Maybe she’s got a problem with hip-hop.” The 36-year-old added, “She’s had damn rapists, child molesters and lying authors on her show. And if I’m not a rags-to-riches story for her, who is?” Read more.

Ice Cube ‘Why We Thugs’ Video

Ice Cube 'Why We Thugs' music video

Ice Cube is out with the video to his new single ‘Why We Thugs’, from his forthcoming album ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’, due out June 6th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Ice Cube 'Why We Thugs' cover art

Ice Cube, Still Edgy?

MixTapeTalk.com caught up with Ice Cube and asked the rapper if he still has the same edge as he did six years ago as he prepares to release ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ on June 6th. “Well, you know everybody is probably going to have a different opinion on that,” he said. “People always tend to like the old, until they get familiar with the new, so that’s probably a question for the fans. You know, I still talk sh** with the best of them, and try to make rhymes that’s relevant to the people that’s listening to them, and not to who I am, what I’m doing, or how much money I have. So to me, I’m always going to have an edge, because I’m talking about sh*t that people just don’t talk about a lot, which is the government – I just try to bring street knowledge to the table.”

Reebok’s Now Playing Conference & Launch Party

Daddy Yankee, Fabolous, Ice Cube, Miri Ben-Ari, Nas, Nelly, Nick Cannon, and Pusha T of Clipse attended the Reebok party to celebrate the fusion of sports and music at Marquee on Wednesday (March 8) in New York City. Earlier, a press conference to launch ‘Reebok Now Playing’ featuring Nelly, Daddy Yankee, Mike Jones and Lupe Fiasco at the club. Check out pictures from FilmMagic (page1 / page2), GettyImages, and WireImage.