Ice-T And Body Count In Concert

WireImage has photos of Ice-T and Body Count in concert on Tuesday (July 22) at the Emerald Theater in Mt Clemens, Michigan. Check out the pictures here.

Ice-T And Body Count Reunite

Get Real Detroit caught up with Ice-T and asked him why the re-form of Body Count after all these years for a tour and possibly a new album. “We took a long hiatus because we lost our group,” he said. “Our drummer, Beatmaster V, died – he caught Leukemia and he passed away. And then the bass player Mooseman got killed in South Central – he was killed in a random ghetto shooting. So we really didn’t have the original members of the group and it was really hard to get that energy that we were looking for. But we ended up hooking up with a new bass player, we got a new drummer and I decided it was time to try and fire the band back up. And now we’re going out on this tour, [to] lock in some sounds. I’ve already written about 10 songs so we’re going to do an album too.”

Ice-T And Coco In New York City

Ice-T and his balloon-boobed fiance Coco were photographed in New York City on Wednesday (May 14) somewhere on the streets of Manhattan. Check out the pictures from WireImage.

Ice-T To Sell New Album on KaZaA

Ice-T said on Wednesday he is making his music available for purchase on the KaZaA service. reports that under terms of the deal, Ice-T’s new album, ‘Repossession’, will be available for $4.99 to KaZaA users through a secure platform for peer-to-peer services developed by Altnet.

I Want My Ice-TV

Contributed by forever-madd:

One Nation is billed as a weekly hip-hop variety hour, hosted by Ice-T and featuring an array of guest artists. The first show will be available for free download on by the end of the month. Every two weeks, a new episode will be released.

Ice-T Pays Ex Child Support & Fiance Is Already Married

The New York Daily News reports Ice-T has begun court-ordered payments of $4,000 a month to Linda Sanchez to support their 15-month-old son, Kevin Ice Marrow. Meanwhile, his planned marriage to Coco is hitting a snag on word that she is still married to Eddie Williams. A pal of the guy said, “Eddie gave the world to this girl.” The pal added, “Eddie has kidney failure. He’s in line for a transplant.”

On TV: Fabolous, Nappy Roots, Ice-T

Several rap acts make appearances on television this week. On Monday, Fabolous performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Tuesday, we see Queen Latifah on The View, and the Roots on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On Wednesday, Missy Elliott performs on the Tonight Show, while Nappy Roots perform on Jimmy Kimmel. Thursday, look for Queen Latifah on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Ice-T will wrap up the week on Late Night on Friday.

Rappers Jump Into The Clothing Business

Eminem and Ice-T are both launching their own clothing lines this year to appeal to the ever-growing market for urban streetwear. The rappers join the mounting ranks of artists such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Master P — just to name a few — who have jumped into the fashion business. “Every major music personality I can think of is considering or has already considered an apparel line,” Todd Slater, retail analyst with investment bank Lazard Freres in New York tells