Ice-T Finally Admits Two Year Old Boy Is His

The New York Post reports that after two positive DNA tests and a bitter paternity skirmish, Ice-T finally admitted in Manhattan Family Court yesterday that he is the father of 2-year-old Kevin Ice Marrow. The boy’s mother, Linda Marie Sanchez, 28, will get $4,000 a month in temporary child support.

Ice-T Launches Ice Wear

Ice T launched his Ice Wear clothing line along with Coco, Keith Murray, and Charis Boyle Miss February 2003 at the Americo Group in New York City on Tuesday (January 14). Check out pictures from

Ice T Doubles His Pleasure

The New York Daily News reports Ice-T was turning heads at Centro-Fly on Saturday when he walked in with a stunner on each arm. They didn’t say whether one of them was his fiance Coco. The rapper took turns dancing with and kissing the leggy lovelies, even posing with each one as the other took a photo.

Ice-T In Paternity Battle With Bronx Blonde

The National Enquirer spoke with Linda Marie Sanchez, a 28-year-old from the Bronx who had a four month fling with Ice-T that resulted in Sanchez gettin pregnant and conceiving Kevin Ice Marrow. Ice-T is demanding to take a DNA test, even though Sanchez said he’s already taken one and proven to be a match. “He already knows he is the father because he paid for a DNA test in April and it came out 99.9997% sure it’s his baby,” Sanchez said. “Ice-T picked out the lab and told me where to go for it. And after the test results came back, he even left me a message on my two-way pager that said: ‘It’s mine.'” Linda added, “Even though he said it was his baby before, now he’s trying to say he never had sexual relations with me. It really hurts.”

A photo of Sanchez with the baby shows he looks like a dead-ringer for the rapper/actor. “This baby looks like a ‘Mini-Me’ version of Ice-T,” Sanchez said. “The baby has his eyes, his forehead, his hairline, his nose, his mouth.” The rapper was as cold as ice when he met with his son, as Sanchez explained, “Ice-T turned his face away in anger when I brought the baby over to him. He couldn’t even look me in the eye.” Results of a court ordered DNA test are expected in January.

Puffy And Ice-T Attend Heidi Klum’s Halloween Bash

Supermodel Heidi Klum, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, Ice-T and his fiance Coco were on hand for Heidi’s annual Halloween bash. This year she decided to play host to her guests at Capitale, on Bowery Street in New York City.

Ice T And Fiance Hit Joey Fatone’s Halloween Party has photos of *NSYNC star Joey Fatone throwing a Halloween party at Club Suede in New York City on Tuesday (October 29). Actor rapper Ice-T and fiancee Coco, former baseball manager Tommy Lasorda, Miss Universe 2002 Justine Pasek, and actor Robert Iler were on hand. Check out pictures here.

Ice T Doesn’t Want To Pay Without More DNA

The New York Daily News reports Ice-T was in Manhattan Family Court yesterday to demanded more proof that he’s the father of Linda Marie Sanchez’s baby Kevin Ice Marrow, who turns 1 tomorrow. Examiner David Kirshblum agreed with Ice-T’s request for a second DNA test at a court-approved facility. “I want [Kevin] to go to private school, to have a chance at college,” said Sanchez, holding the infant.

Ice T Reportedly In A Battle With Night Club Security

The New York Daily News reports Ice-T was involved in a tussle with the bouncers at Eugene, according to some witnesses. “He was in the middle of this brawl and he was bloody,” said one onlooker. A spokesman for the club maintains “there was no scuffle. There was an issue with his security and our security, but nothing to write about.”