Blog Check: Ja Rule

Ja Rule spoke with’s Blog Check, answering questions pulled directly from his MySpace page from fans. He talked about his lengthy time off, if the new disc is radio friendly, stereotypes of rappers turned actors, the federal investigation with Irv Gotti and The Inc., and more. Watch the interview via MySpace below.

Irv Gotti: Vanessa Carlton Has Cred With ‘My Culture’

The Inc. boss Irv Gotti has posted several messages on Vanessa Carlton’s official web site forum since introducing himself last weekend. In one message, Gotti wrote, “It’s funny though. Because I roll the windows down and blast ‘Ordinary Day’ (which I believe is arguable one of the hottest songs she has ever made. The way she is flowing and singing on that. And the words are all very special to me) and sing it at the top of my lungs. People in the hip hop world look inside and be like hey thats Irv Gotti. And then there like what the hell is he blasting in his Maybach. And I say that’s Vanessa Carlton. She is the SHIZZZZNNNIIITTTT! Funny thing is alot of people from my culture already know and love V. It’s weird to me sometimes. It’s mostly from ‘A Thousand Miles’. When we went to London to go hang out with Jay-Z. I know she was a lil shocked with all the ‘Thuggish’ type guys that me and Jay know saying how they love her music. hahahahaha.”

50 Cent’s Making His List

50 Cent is set to guest-host the party MTV Video Music Awards afterparty at Tao with LL Cool J, and The New York Daily News hears the G-Unit mainman has been trying to remove some of his enemies off the guest list, including newly emancipated Lil’ Kim and record producer Irv Gotti.

Irv Gotti Birthday Bash

Irv Gotti celebrated his birthday party with Ja Rule with an event hosted by DJ Funk Master Flex on June 30th at China Club in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Irv Gotti Puts In A Good Word For Oprah

Ludacris, Ice Cube and 50 Cent have voiced their displeasure with Oprah Winfrey, claiming she doesn’t like hip hop. But recently exonerated rap producer Irv Gotti thinks they should lay off. “I love Oprah, but she’s 50 [52] years old,” Gotti, 36, tells The New York Daily News. “She’s like my aunt and my mom, and they don’t love hip hop. Maybe she’ll come around.”

Gotti Thinks 50 Cent Snitched Him Out

Now that Murder Inc is no longer with Def Jam, Irv Gotti talked with about the label’s future. Additionally, Gotti says he’s strongly suspicious that 50 Cent was the person who snitched him out on the money laundering charges he was recently aquitted of. Video clips from have since been removed.

Irv Gotti ‘On Cloud Nine’ After Beating Charges

In wake of being cleared on money laundering charges, The Inc’s Irv Gotti spoke with MTV News about an end to the three year ordeal. “I’m on cloud nine,” Irv said. He added that stress from the trial has been replaced by “a feeling of surrealness,” he said. “It’s an overall happy feeling for a lot of reasons. It’s a happy feeling that my mom and dad ain’t gotta worry no more. Just watching them come to court and seeing my mom with the stress, I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t ease the pain until it was over. It’s a happiness that the jurors saw through everything and did the right thing. It’s a happiness that after three years, the cloud the government put over my head is removed. And the sun is now shining. I got my life back and people don’t have to be afraid to come near me. People don’t have to say, ‘Well, if I mess with him, is the government gonna bother me?'” Read more.