Gotti Brothers In Court

Damon Dash and Ja Rule were photographed leaving the Brooklyn Federal courthouse during the Irv and Chris Gotti trial on November 17th in New York City. The Gotti’s are on trial for money laundering. Irv Gotti is the founder of the music label The Inc. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Murder Inc. Bosses In Brooklyn Trial

Reuters reports that Ja Rule and Ashanti were in court Wednesday as The Inc CEO Irv Gotti and president Chris Gotti stood accused of laundering more than $1 million of the drug profits of convicted dealer Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff. Prosecutors may also try to link the Lorenzos to an alleged plot to kill 50 Cent.

Ja Rule To Study ‘Enemy’ 50 Cent’s New Film

Ja Rule

The New York Daily News caught up with The Inc’s Irv Gotti and Ja Rule at the party celebrating Kevin Liles’ new book, ‘The Hip-Hop Generation Guide to Success’. Asked if he was going to see rival 50 Cent’s new film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”, Ja responded, “I always study the enemy, so I might check it out. But it looks kinda bullsh**.” Gotti wasn’t too pleased to even be asked the question. After earlier telling Lloyd Grove that the Daily News “say some pretty crazy sh** about me”, the 50 question prompted him to fume, “See, that’s what the fu** I’m talkin’ about!” before storming away.

Irv Gotti Wants Separate Trial

The New York Daily News reports that Irv Gotti, charged with money-laundering, wants a separate trial from co-defendants, including Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff, who face the death penalty for murder. The Lorenzos fear they cannot receive a fair trial if they have to sit through evidence of gruesome crime scene photographs, autopsy reports and testimony about drugs and guns.

How Much Time Will Lil’ Kim Do?

Gerald Shargel, a noted criminal defense lawyer who has represented mobster John Gotti along with a who’s who of celebrity defendants including current client Irv Gotti tells MTV News that first-time offender Lil’ Kim won’t be spending the maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars after her convinction on Thursday of three counts of perjury and one count of conspiring with a co-defendant. “[When sentencing,] the judge is free to consider any other information about the offense and about the defendant, Lil’ Kim,” Shargel said. “He’s free to look at any additional factors and impose a non-guideline sentence. It always depends, in large part, on the judge, and Lynch has a reputation for fairness and balance. She’ll get a prison sentence, but nothing like 20 years.” Read more.