More On Proof Vs. Murder Inc.

This was sent in responding to the story on the alleged Proof and Murder Inc. altercation: “In reference to that article Irv Gotti wasnt not there. And the only reason Proof escaped without any scratches or bruises was because Rolex house security had to drag him into the club office to keep him from getting killed. Murder Inc’s people only came to the club when the word on the street got out that Proof was there. The whole Murder Inc. and than some where all on the beach at Benzino’s club Zino’s when they got the call the he was there.”

Murder Inc. Jump D12’s Proof?

Contributed Anonymously:

This was posted by the Moderator at D12 world, where Proof also posts: “Last night at club RolexX in Florida, Murder Inc, and yes Irv Gotti was there, tried to jump Proof. They totally outnumbered him yet they failed horribly. Proof has a few scratches and a bruise or two, but no cuts or anything even remotely serious. The ‘Murder Inc’ out numbering a member of the Dirty Dozen and they couldn’t even break the skin. Let it be known that it is now on & popin. Be on da look out!”

Jury Favors TVT In Rap Suit

Variety reports TVT Records won a jury verdict Friday against Island Def Jam Music Group and its chairman Lyor Cohen for fraud and willful copyright infringement for preventing release of an album featuring performances by Ja Rule and his group CMC, which was produced by Irv Gotti. At trial, Cohen denied that he instructed Gotti not to finish the project for TVT, despite evidence presented at trial that he had previously had told Gotti that he did not have permission. The jury found Def Jam and Cohen had tortiously interfered with TVT’s contract.

DMX Is Going At Ja Rule Again

Contributed by forever-madd:

In the latest edition of XXL Magazine. DMX more or less stated that “Ja Rule is his son and that he is Ja’s father and he’s gonna have to whip his ass cuz his son is out of line.” He also states that he never liked Ja Rule since they met and that Irv Gotti was grooming Ja into a ‘Lil’ X’.

Vita Back With Murder Inc.?

Contributed by Mya714:

In the April 2003 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine they report that Vita had been talking to Irv Gotti and the rest of the Murder Inc. family to get them to reconsider her contract. She is now back with the Murder Inc. crew. The editor says she hears that Irv Gotti and his team of producers are hard at work on her new album due later this year. This issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine should hit newsstands within a couple of weeks.

Irv Gotti In Court Over Cash Money Clique Album reports that Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti was in court last week as a witness in a dispute between Def Jam and independent label, TVT Records. Lawyers for TVT said that Def Jam should pay for damages incurred after the major backed out of an agreement that would have allowed TVT to release an album of the Cash Money Clique, which would have featured Ja Rule.

Bill O’Reilly Rips Back At Rappers

The New York Post reports Bill O’Reilly of Fox News was the main target when The Source magazine founder David Mays called a “State of Emergency” summit for rap moguls such as Irv Gotti, Damon Dash, Jermaine Dupri, Ruff Ryder heads Darrin and Joaquin Dean and deejay Ed Lover at the Broadway Millennium Hotel. “Every day they have an ‘emergency meeting’ about hip-hop,” O’Reilly said. “I’m sorry it’s such an emergency. But this doesn’t change the point that some of this stuff is very destructive to unsupervised children. They can jump up and down and call me names, but it’s not going to change the fact that they are selling mind poison.”

Murder Inc. Records Executive Shot reports Murder Inc. Records executive Chris Gotti, brother of Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti, was shot in the leg on West 49th Street in New York City Monday night (February 24) at 8:30 p.m. ET. Gotti was listed in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital after receiving the wound to his left leg, according to New York’s Daily News. This comes just days after Busta Rhymes’ SUV was riddled with bullets outside the Violator Management offices.

Irv Gotti’s Rap Rep On The Line In Fed Probe

Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times profiled Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti, known as a musical talent who knew gangs but didn’t run with them, now has an image at stake in a federal probe. Elliott Wilson, editor in chief of XXL magazine says it was Ashanti’s ascendance that cemented Gotti’s reputation. “Ashanti is the one that personifies what his vision is for Murder Inc.,” Wilson said. “There have been movements in hip-hop, labels that defined a time and sound. There was Death Row and there was Bad Boy, and Gotti has taken elements from both for his blueprint. He took the imagery and aesthetic of Death Row, and the use of melody and R&B flavor from Bad Boy. Ashanti is the perfect mix.”

Irv Gotti Says Ja Rule Is Murder Inc.’s Franchise caught up with Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti and asked about his partner Ja Rule. “Ja is the franchise. He is Murder, Inc along with me,” Gotti said. “It’s no one that can ever replace him in my eyes. Like Ashanti can fu**ing sell 10 million, and don’t get me wrong, that’s the Princess, no one can replace her either, but Ja started this sh** with me. Understand? I ain’t never losing that. He holds a special place with me and he knows that. That’s my brother, for real. And it’s crazy how far he’s come. Like Dude, got it. From top to bottom, from performing on stage, he’s got it.”