Inside The Murder Inc. Raid

MTV News has a look inside the raid of Murder Inc.’s offices on January 3rd. What they were looking for was a link between Irv Gotti’s label and a 42-year-old man named Kenneth McGriff, who was once the leader of the Supreme Team, a gang that controlled crack cocaine distribution during the late 1980s in the Baisley Park housing projects of South Jamaica, Queens. Asked whether Gotti was just giving McGriff a chance to go straight, or if he compromised his career by letting a convicted felon into his inner circle, a police expert warned, “If you know somebody that’s in a pattern of criminal behavior and you’re with them all the time, you can very easily get caught up in that.” Read more.

Murder Inc. Offices Raided In Probe

Chuck Philips of the Los Angeles Times reports federal authorities Friday raided the Manhattan offices of record label Murder Inc. as part of an investigation into the expanding empire of music mogul Irv Gotti. The early-morning action was undertaken by a federal task force that for the last year has been investigating whether Gotti, whose real name is Irving Lorenzo, has financial ties to Kenneth McGriff, the convicted head of a notorious Queens, N.Y., drug gang called the Supreme Team. Read more.

Jermaine Jackson Reveals ID Of Jacko’s Mottola Claim

Jermaine Jackson revealed the name of the artist Michael Jackson accused of being called a n-word by Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola. Jermaine said, “Irv Gotti was referred to as a fat black n*****, Irv Gotti. And these are things that go on. I mean, we look at the Enron situation. The record industry is the same way. And then there was something about his album and he’s blaming Sony for the sales. But there are a lot of other artists complaining about sales. It was just in the trades in the last three months, there’s $45 million to $50 million being lost at Sony. So, who’s to blame?” Check out the entire transcript, including his comments on the baby dangling incident, here.

Irv Gotti And Ja Rule Stop By Hot 97

Irv and Ja Rule came to the Star Morning show on Hot 97 to set some things straight about the Murder Inc crew. Irv talked about the incident he and Ja Rule had with 50 Cent, Irv and Ja set the record straight about the truth with Murder Inc. and all the cotton pickers out there, and Ja and Star talk about his new cd ‘The Last Temptation’ and the new cd’s coming out on Murder Inc. Audio at has since been removed.

Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ Holds Off Timberlake To Remain At #1

The Billboard album sales chart is in and shows Eminem’s soundtrack for ‘8 Mile’ has again landed atop the charts, beating out *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake who debuted at #2 with his ‘Justified’ solo debut. ‘8 Mile’ sold 508,000 units, a 28% drop, but enough to told off the 439,000 units sold of ‘Justified’. ‘Irv Gotti Presents the Remixes’ arrived at #24 on the charts.

Ja Rule Spits At DMX In ‘Fu** With Us’

MTV News reports Ja Rule spits at DMX in his new album ‘The Last Temptation’, due November 19th. On the track ‘Fu** With Us’, Ja raps, “What the fu**’s happening, Earl?/ You’re mad at the world or just me, because I’m on top on the world/ … Crack addict, you know the n—a world ain’t having it/ … Now you lost a good n—a, DMX. One love.” Meanwhile, Irv Gotti is claiming songs like Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dilemma’ and Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s ”03 Bonnie & Clyde’ are ripping off Murder Inc.’s hip hop and R&B fusion success. “That’s our formula!” Gotti bellowed. “There are a lot of people messing with it.” Read more.

Ja Rule And Bobby Brown Film ‘Thug Lovin”

MTV News reports Ja Rule began filming his new video for ‘Thug Lovin” on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Ja was joined by Bobby Brown in a video directed by Irv Gotti. Of course you’ll have the usual women in bikinis and fancy automobiles to go along with the duo. Read more.

Sample War Pits Jay-Z Against Gotti, Braxton Loses has an update on Toni Braxton getting a taste of what it feels like to sample a track. Seems Braxton, with help from Irv Gotti, sampled Tupac Shakur’s ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ for her track ‘Me and My Boyfriend.’ Problem is, Jay-Z rushed out his first single featuring Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child doing the same thing, presumably to get back at Gotti, who is backing arch-rival Nas.

More on this, and the rumor that Jay-Z plans on suing Nas for his homosexual charges, has since been removed at

Ludacris Teams With Newcomer For Christmas LP

Contributed Anonymously:

17 year old new Bad Boy Records singer Cary Chavis works on his debut album with a Christmas release due out Nov. 26, 2002. He is filming the video for the first single called ‘Frosty the Snowman’ with Ludacris. The video is being directed by Irv Gotti, who just finished directing the Ja-Rule/ Bobby Brown video for ‘Thug Lovin” The track hits radio’s late October and video due out early November the song is a Neptunes produced remix to the orginal.

Ja Rule, Bobby Brown Team Up For ‘Thug Lovin”

MTV News reports that while Irv Gotti still hasn’t been able to sign Bobby Brown to Murder Inc., he finally got him in the studio, where he recently teamed up with Ja Rule for the track ‘Thug Lovin’.’ “We get along with Bob and Whitney very well,” Gotti said. “I just think that Bob is a star. If Bob got a hit record, I think Bob will be off the chain. He’s the R&B Tupac. He don’t give a f—, and he says whatever he wants to say. I would love to make a hit record for him and just let him go be crazy-ass Bob.” Read more.