Charli Baltimore Comments On Various Controversies chatted with Charli Baltimore about being on Murder Inc. and working with Irv Gotti, the Tupac Shakur story in the Los Angeles Times that implicated Biggie in his death, and the ongoing beef between DMX and Ja Rule. On the latter subject, Charli commented, “I don’t know what the hell is going on as far as that’s concerned. I just be wanting everything to die down. Negative press is kind of crazy.” As for the situation with Vita and Murder Inc., Charli said, “I don’t really know what the situation even is. It’s a situation with her management and Gotti; it’s not a situation of me and her. Me and her have a really good relationship, so hopefully, it’ll get worked out. As far as I’m concerned, Vita is still Murder Inc.”

Top Irv Gotti Search Queries

Searches for Murder Inc.’s Irv Gotti were pretty strong compared to other record execs on pay-per search engine — yeah, because he has the biggest mouth. The exec/rapper got just over 19,000 searches for the month, with most of the searches including ‘Irv Gotti Presents: The Inc.’, Murder Inc.’s well-timed collaboration album. The most common misspelling was Irv Gottie.

Vibe Talks With Irv Gotti

Lyor Cohen, head of the Island Def Jam label group, is trying to explain why he gets along so well with Irv Gotti, his hardheaded, trash-talking protégé. “I could be in my office with [Vivendi Universal CEO] Jean-Marie Messier, and Gotti will barge in and say, ‘All I know is, this guy working for you here is a fu**ing bastard!’ And Jean-Marie will say [Cohen puts on a French accent], ‘Really? Why is that?’ And Irv will say, ‘Because if I don’t have any hits, he will throw me the fu** out, and if I do have hits, he will take the most money possible for himself.'”

‘I’m Real’ Wins Best Hip Hop Video

Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule teamed up on ‘I’m Real’ and walked away with the Best Hip-Hop Video at the Video Music Awards on Thursday. J.Lo seems to have forgiven Murder Inc.’s Irv Gotti thanking him in the speech, and perhaps Ja Rule himself, who reportedly was bragging about having sex with J.Lo during their visit to Ramstein Air Force Base to soldiers. Lopez said, “I didn’t expect this. Obviously. But, God, I’m a girl from the Bronx and hip-hop is everything to us, so I want to thank God, the fans, thank Ja and the whole crew Irv, and 7 and B.J. And everybody. I want to thank Sony, Corey Rooney, everybody over there and everybody involved with the video, especially Dave Myers who did it individually for us, so great. Thank you for writing the song [Ja Rule]. You’re the best.”

Ja Rule Tells DMX: Let’s Take It To The Streets! had the audio clips, since removed, of Ja Rule going off on DMX on Hot97 Friday. After Ja went off, they spoke with Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti who says money isn’t the question with the beef, but he hopes the thing gets resolved and tells X to “Check yourself.”

DMX Says Gotti Could’ve Had The Balls To Talk To Him

DMX has growled back to the New York Daily News following Irv Gotti’s comments on San Francisco’s KMEL-FM saying that X was doing his Ja Rule diss track because he was “a tad jealous”. “Gotti could have had the balls to talk to me,” DMX fumed. “He’s my friend. That’s fu**ed up. I’ve been trying to holla at him for a minute and he hasn’t called back. Oh sh**. That’s crazy.” DMX says he’s already recorded the ‘Ruled Out’ single, but isn’t sure when he’ll release it.

Nas And Ja Rule Albums Both Droppin’ November 19

MTV News reports Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti says he plans on dropping Ja Rule’s The Last Temptation LP the same week as Nas’ ‘God’s Son’ album. “Ja’s album is coming out in November,” Gotti said last week from London. “We’re gonna drop Nas and Ja’s albums together, and we’re gonna do a cross-promotion like you’ve never seen before. When you see an album come out and you see commercials, it’s [usually] a 30-second spot. I’m gonna combine their budgets, and you’re gonna see a 60-second spot.” Read more.

Irv Gotti Trying To Sign Shyne

MuchMusic reports rumor is that Irv Gotti of Murder Inc. is looking to sign Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow to his label. Shyne is currently serving a ten year prison sentence for his part in the nightclub shooting that Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Jennifer Lopez were involved in. Shyne is still signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label.

Nas Turns Down Jigga’s Pay-Per-View Challenge

Nas spoke with MTV News and responded to Jay-Z’s pay-per-view challenge rhyme battle. “Pay-per-view is for wrestlers and boxers,” Nas said. “I make records. If Jay-Z wants to battle, he should drop his album the same day I do and let the people decide.” Nas announced he’ll be dropping a new album, called ‘God’s Son’, on November 19th.. and on Columbia Records — so apparently the Murder Inc. talk was Irv Gotti hype. Jay’s ‘The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse’, is scheduled for release on November 5th. Read more.

Irv Gotti Blasts DMX For His Comments On Ja Rule

Irv Gotti sounded off on the news that DMX is upset at Ja Rule. Irv said in an interview on a San Franscisco radio station, “What’s going on is DMX is totally 100% in the wrong.” Irv pointed out several Ja songs that DMX never would have made and asked, “What the heck is he talkin’ about?” Irv let DMX get his digs in to “dig his own grave.” He does admit that ‘Holla Holla’ “does sound like DMX, but the rest of his whole career, none of his records sound nothing like you dog.” He’s sayin’ DMX is jealous ’cause his last album, ‘The Great Depression’ didn’t sell well. Gotti also took shots at X and Jay-Z for doin’ nothing for him even though he’s done a lot for both of them. Finally, he touched on Nas, having good things to say about him. Listen to the interview at