Drop The Guns

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Violence is an unfortunate aspect of the world we live in, but it’s also an aspect we can curb as individuals. Many rappers are known for filling their albums with violent imagery, a lot of which comes more from the fantasies, which in turn become self-fulfilling prophecies, of the emcees in question. Recently two more rappers were picked up on gun charges, this time around it was Ja Rule and Lil’ Wayne, in separate incidents in New York. My question to them, which doubles as an open question to all rappers who feel the need to carry a gun, is this; what do you hope to gain from this type of action? Read the full story at adambernard.blogspot.com.

Ja Rule At Mood

Ja Rule posed for photos with happy fans outside Mood in Hollywood on Tuesday (July 31). Lulop.com has since removed the video.

Lil Wayne And Ja Rule Perp Walk

Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested for criminal possession of weapons. The rappers both had perp walks as they were separately led into court. Watch footage of Lil Wayne below.

The G.A.M.E INC. 7th Anniversary Party

Baby, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross attended The G.A.M.E INC. 7th Anniversary Party Hosted By Lil Wayne and Baby on Thursday (July 19) at 33 Patterns Street NE in Washington, DC. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Myspace.com Blog Check: Ja Rule

Ja Rule spoke with MySpace.com’s Blog Check, answering questions pulled directly from his MySpace page from fans. He talked about his lengthy time off, if the new disc is radio friendly, stereotypes of rappers turned actors, the federal investigation with Irv Gotti and The Inc., and more. Watch the interview via MySpace below.