BallerStatus Sits Down With Jadakiss

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Jadakiss spoke with BallerStatus about his highly anticipated upcoming release, his relationship with Interscope, and if he’d turn the clock back and change anything if given the chance. Read the interview here.

Jadakiss Teams Up With Mariah Carey

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If you head over to you can hear a brief clip of the new Jadakiss and Mariah Carey song that will be featured on the new Jadakiss album on June 22. The song is called ‘U Make Me Wanna’. You can also few the lyrics there.

Jadakiss Opens Up On ‘The Kiss Of Death’

Jadakiss tells MTV News he’s taken note of his lyrical flaws brought up by critics, so on his upcoming LP, ‘The Kiss of Death’, Jada opens up. “I been getting a lot of criticism [about my lyrics] with the media,” he said a few weeks ago in New York. “They said the only thing that was [hindering] me from being one of the greats like Rakim, Jigga and 50 Cent was that I never let [the listeners] inside my world, my life. Plus, you gotta charge that to 50, Eminem and DMX. They came out with pain, gave the world their pain. Em with his moms and his baby’s moms, X with his whole life, 50 with whatever happened to him. They made it a little more personal, that’s what the fans want.” Read more.

Jadakiss Doesn’t Make Enemies, But Still Not Fond Of Puffy

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When Jadakiss released his first solo album he had a line that said he was looking for enemies. Well, apparently making enemies is something that doesn’t come easy for the New York native as Jada notes “I got good relationships,” adding “with industry you gotta keep your relationships and your repores good. A lotta people got money but a lot of this is about people liking you as a person. It’s easy to get somebody to come through and hop on a track if they like you despite any money you can offer them or your label can offer them. If they don’t like you it’s a wrap.” To find out who Jada’s been working with, why he feels his last album didn’t do as well as it could have, and how Puffy is still finding ways to screw over The Lox monetarily, click here.

Eminem Rapping And Producing For Jadakiss

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MTV News reports that according to Jadakiss, Eminem will rap on and produce a record for him called ‘Welcome to D-Block.’ That track is one of the last additions to Kiss’ June 15 ‘Kiss of Death’ LP. Jada said he’s secured Mariah Carey to sing on another song, but is just waiting for Mariah to lay down the vocals.

Jadakiss ‘Time’s Up’ Video Featuring Nate Dogg

Jadakiss 'Time's Up' music video

Jadakiss is out with the video to his new single ‘Time’s Up’ featuring Nate Dogg. The track is the first release from the Yonkers, New York rapper’s album ‘Kiss of Death’, released on Interscope. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Jadakiss Giving The Industry The ‘Kiss Of Death’

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While in L.A. for the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, Jadakiss of the LOX/D-Block/Ruff Ryders stopped by the Fantastik 4our show on Friday night and announced that his next album entitled Kiss Of Death would be arriving in stores April 6, 2004 on Interscope Records. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.