Jared Evan ‘Always Rains’ Video Ft. Kevin Rudolf

Jared Evan

Jared Evan is out with the music video to his new single ‘Always Rains’, featuring Kevin Rudolf, off of the American artist’s ‘Back & Fourth’ Mixtape. The 16-track release is a preview of his Interscope Records debut ‘The Fourth Chapter’. ‘Back & Fourth’ features guest appearances by Rudolf, Stat Quo and Roscoe Dash. Watch the video below and check out the mixtape after the cut.


Music Is Feeling And Emotion For Jared Evan

Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan Writes featured an interview with Jared Evan, where the genre hopping artist described his sound and discussed what music means to him and his ‘Back and Forth’ EP. “Music is more than just songs and progressions and cords, it’s just feeling to me,” Jared explained. “When I go and create music, I pour these things out and that’s like what music is to me. It’s feeling. It’s emotion.”

Jared Evan On The Gift And Curse Of Digital Downloads

Jared Evan

Jared Evan spoke with TheDeadbolt recently in a Q&A, where he offered his thoughts on digital downloads. “I think that digital downloading is like a gift and a curse,” he said. “It helps and hurts the artist, and it definitely helps the listener. It helps the artist because it’s so much quicker and easier and more convenient to make a quick mp3 of something and send it to somewhere. Make songs over the computer, that’s an insane concept because it never used to exist. It advances the direction and pace of the music business. But at the same time, because everything is digital now, it’s not like what it was. And what is was, was what it was meant to be. So we kind of interfered with fate and made it something else. It’s a gift and a curse. But I think that it’s definitely helpful.” The full interview at thedeadbolt.com has since been removed.

Jared Evan Describes His Sound

Jared Evan recently sat down with Young Hollywood’s Michelle Marie to discuss his unique sound and debut single ‘In Love With You’. Jared also shares his varied musical influences and what it was like to work with Pharrell Williams, Polow Da Don and The Game in the studio. “My whole life I’ve just had so many influences musically,” Jared said about his sound. “Like just a range so wide, that when I made my own music, all of those influences kind of come out, but I’d say the foundation of it is hip hop, rock and pop.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Jared Evan ‘In Love With You’ Vide Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage from Jared Evan’s music video for his new single ‘In Love With You’ has been posted online. The singer/rapper shared the concept behind the electrifying video shot with director Bernard Gourley in Willamsburg, New York. ‘In Love With You’ is available on iTunes now and it will appear on Jared’s Interscope Records debut, ‘Fourth Chapter’. “The song is kind of like angry love,” Evan explained. “It’s like one minute I hate you, one minute I love you. Passionate, but the whole time I do love this person. It’s like a high energy, angry I don’t give a fu**.” Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Jared Evan ‘In Love With You’ Video

Jared Evan 'In Love With You' music video

Jared Evan is out with the music video to his new single ‘In Love With You’, off the Nassau County, New York rapper/singer songwriter’s upcoming debut album on Zone 4/Interscope. Watch the Bernard Gourley directed video via Vevo below.

What To Expect On Jared Evan’s Debut Album ‘Fourth Chapter’

Rising star Jared Evan was just named an About To Pop artist by AOL’s PopEater. The artist talked about his upcoming debut album ‘Fourth Chapter’ and how his upbringing influenced his eclectic musical style. “Most of them are very introspective,” Evan said about the songs on the CD out later this year on Interscope Records. “I was feeling something with a specific girl in a situation, and I wrote about it. I’d say ‘Love With You’ [the record’s first single] is like probably the broadest one. Every girl just drives me crazy. A lot of the other songs are more like, put your headphones on and listen to what I’m really saying.” The article at Popeater.com and video clip of his discussion have since been removed.

Jared Evan ‘Headphones’ Video

Jared Evan is out with the video to his new single ‘Headphones’, off the New York City hip hop artist’s upcoming debut album on Zone 4/Interscope. Watch it via YouTube below.