Lady Sovereign’s ‘Sad Ass Strippa’ Jentina Diss

Lady Sovereign’s diss track against fellow Brit teen rapper Jentina has been posted online. Jentina’s ‘Bad Ass Strippa’ flopped in the UK charts and prompted her second single ‘French Kisses’ to become pure pop. Download and listen to ‘Sad Ass Strippa’ at

Lady Sovereign Drops Diss Track On Jentina

UK teen rapper Jentina is already under lyrical attack by another teen newcomer, Lady Sovereign, in the track called ‘Sad Ass Strippa’ on which she blasts: “You ain’t ghetto, I seen more ghetto in Posh Spice’s stiletto/You’ve been chatting about your Gucci thongs, but how many weeks, bitch, have you had it on?”

Jentina Secretly Dating Prodigy Frontman

The Sun reports that the Prodigy frontman Keith Flint is secretly dating teen rapper Jentina. “Keith and Jentina are totally smitten with each other,” a friend revealed. “They share the same sense of humour and get on brilliantly. There is an age gap, he’s 34 Jentina is only 19, but that doesn’t put them off. Jentina is a massive talent and didn’t want to be famous just as the girlfriend of someone so well known. Keith likes leading a private life. Because he hates attention it suited him to keep quiet too.” Read more.

Jentina Eyes Blue’s Lee

Rap newcomer Jentina tells Top of the Pops she’s attracted to Blue star Lee Ryan. “There’s only one lad I fancy, and that’s Lee from Blue,” she admitted to the surprise of the interviewer. “You know what I like about him? His smell. He sat next to me the other day and I nearly fainted. I love his eyes and his cheeky little smile. Me and him wouldn’t get on well though. We’re the same. We’re both loudmouth attention seekers and it’d all kick off.”