Snoop Advises Aftermath To Lay Off JD, Attack Suge Instead

Snoop Dogg chimed in to on the beef between Jermaine Dupri and Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Xzibit. Snoop thinks the three should lay off and concentrate on Suge Knight, whose been blasting all of them without response. “I’m a fan, ya know, I’m just watching right now,” Snoop explains. “But like I said, I don’t like how everybody is ganging up on the little man. But I’m a little man too and I always come out on top when I get ganged up on. But my suggestion is for everybody is talk sh** to the Big Man too.”

JD Talks So So Def Remix Album

MTV News caught up with Jermaine Dupri who is hyping the upcoming release of his So So Def remix EP due out June 18th. Dupri said, “It’s gonna have three new Bow Wow songs for the Bow Wow fans. The first single is called ‘Basketball.’ Me, Bow Wow and Fabolous redid Kurtis Blow’s ‘Basketball’. I’m talking to Puff now, he’s got this Faith remix with Freeway on it that [producer] Just Blaze did. I’m about to get that if I can find more money. Jagged Edge got a song with TQ on there. Roc’s got a record on there, we did a ‘Take Ya Home’ remix with everybody from So So Def on there, and Da Brat has a new record on there.” Read more.

Eminem And Xzibit Diss Tracks Target JD has the pair of freestyle Jermaine Dupri diss tracks DJ Kay Slay put out on his new mix tape. Included in the diss tracks are Eminem, Xzibit, and another exclusive introduced by Eminem for his Shady Records star Obie Trice. Slim’s version makes mention of not only JD, but Erick Sermon’s jumping out of the window, while Xzibit refers to JD as “Tattoo aka The Leprechaun” and adds, “Why you always gotta sound like the next mans sh**?
Went from Big to Puff to Snoop to Jay.
Hey Jermaine, who’s di** you gonna ride today?” Then on the Obie Trice track, Slim introduces it saying he wasn’t able to freestyle because he’s in jail right now.

Eminem Returns The Volley Following ‘JD’s Reply’

MTV News reports Eminem has fired back at Jermaine Dupri after he responded to ‘The Eminem Show’ track ‘Say What You Say’… Eminem starts off his guest-hosting duties on a track with the same name by DJ Kay Slay on his new mixtape. Eminem’s 90-second verse includes Slim saying, “I stay beefin’ with JD ’til the day Dre 2ways me/ That it’s OK to stop blazin’ him,” ending by calling Dupri a “gay midget.” JD’s response to the latest response in this fued? “If they want me to keep it going, call me and tell me, ‘JD, let’s keep it going.’ I’m into making money.” Read more.

‘Welcome To Atlanta’ Remix Video Settings Explained

MTV News has provided some clarification as to why Jermaine Dupri was in New York City with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs to record the remix video to ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ at Madison Square Garden. Looks like all contributing on the track are shooting their spots from their respective hometowns. So Puffy is stationed in NYC, St. Lunatic Murphy Lee in St. Louis, Snoop Dogg in Long Beach, and JD in Atlanta. JD said the track may be the start of something bigger: “I think I’m gonna do a remix album. Everybody is asking for it. This remix is so crazy, it had to be out there.” Read more.

‘Welcome To Atlanta’ In New York City

LFI had photos, since removed, of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs filming the ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ remix video at Madison Square Garden in New York City earlier this week. Buy why he isn’t actually in Atlanta? has additional photos from the taping as well, this set featuring Jermaine Dupri as well. Check those out here.

Jermaine Dupri Strikes Back At Dr. Dre In ‘JD’s Reply’

Jermaine Dupri has hit back at the new Eminem single ‘What You Say’ that features Slim and Dr. Dre slammin’ JD calling him a “midget” and for getting rich off of 11 year olds – a reference to Lil’ Bow Wow. In ‘JD’s Reply’, the rapper blasts, “You same beat making non rapping individual, I was making what you make now when I was a child.” As for Eminem, JD says towards the end, “Eminem, I left you out deliberatly, You know why? Cause to me, You’re like a character in Disney World, Known for dissing pop groups and Justin’s x girl.” Read on for the full lyrics, and download the track on your favorite file swapper.

Dr. Dre Explains His Beef With JD

MTV News talked with Dr. Dre about the diss track on Eminem’s new album ‘The Eminem Show’ that has him and Timbaland going after Jermaine Dupri for comments he made ot XXL magazine. “Well, it was a few negative things that Jermaine Dupri said about us in the XXL magazine, so we were gonna make a song dedicated to him,” Dre explained. “He said me or Timbaland can’t do what he does. I thought that was kinda crazy. That was cocky. He was just at my studio maybe about two or three weeks before that asking me to do a song with him. So I found that really funny.” Read more.

Dr. Dre Calls Out JD In ‘What You Say’

The song that has Eminem duelin’ with Dr. Dre and puttin’ Jermaine Dupri on blast has been leaked to the internet… Amongst the jibes taken at JD include being called a “midget”, being labeled “mini-me”, and the previously revealed – “Over 80 million records sold
and I ain’t had to do it without 10 or 11 year olds.” Read on for the complete lyrics.