Jim Jones Reaches Out To Cam’ron On Funk Flex Show

Jim Jones

Jim Jones visited The Funkmaster Flex Show on Hot 97 in New York City on March 23rd, where the rapper reached out to Cam’ron and talked about reforming the Diplomats. “I’ve been selfish in a lot of ways in this past year,” Jones said, “but its not all about me, there’s alot of other people involved. For the most part, me and Flea came up together for a long time, so I’m just extending my hand to the contribution of getting this Diplomat business done. So if Cam is listening, maybe we can sit down and get some business together and give the people what they want.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Going After Cam’ron On ‘Frienemies’ Was Easy For Jim Jones

Jim Jones talked with Global Grind about Pimpin Curly, ‘Frienemies’, and how hard it was for him to write his verse about Cam’ron. “It was actually kind of easy,” he responded to the final question. “It’s real life.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Jim Jones And Lady H Industrial Size Bag O’ Weed

Jim Jones and Lady H checked in from California with a bag of what appeared to be marijuana the size of a throw pillow. “We gettin high as the sky,” Jones said with a laugh, before Lady H jokingly rested her head against the pot pillow. Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Jim Jones MTV 52/52 Commercials

Jim Jones

Jim Jones did some ads for MTV’s 52/52 campaign, where the “music” network spotlights one new act each week by featuring it in skits or short performances during the channel’s promotions of its own programs in commercial breaks. Jones is seen rapping in one spot, engaging in a discussion about ‘The Hills’ in another, complaining about the need for a hip hop stimulus package in another, and enjoying spring break in the last one. Watch them all via the rapper’s YouTube channel below the cut. (more…)

Jim Jones: You Better Go Buy ‘Prey 4 Reign’

Jim Jones checked in on his YouTube channel sporting a black ski mask looking straight out of a al Qaeda video, warning people “if you don’t want us in your motherfu**in crib, you better go buy that motherfu**in album.” ‘Prey 4 Reign’ is out March 24th. Watch the “warning” below.

Jim Jones ‘Blow The Bank’ Video Ft. Oshy and Starr

Rapper Jim Jones

Jim Jones is out with the video to his new single ‘Blow The Bank’, featuring Oshy and Starr, the third release off The Diplomats rapper’s fourth album ‘Prey IV Reign’, out March 24th on Columbia Records. Watch the Capo/Armen directed video via YouTube below.

Jim Jones ‘Blow The Bank’ Video Behind The Scenes

Hiphopstan.com has behind the scenes footage of Jim Jones on the set of his ‘Blow The Bank’ music video. The track is off the New York rapper’s fourth album ‘Pray IV Reign’, in stores March 24th. Watch it below.

‘Hip Hop Monologues: Inside The Life & Mind Of Jim Jones’

A promo for the off-Broadway musical ‘Hip Hop Monologues: Inside the Life & Mind of Jim Jones’ has been posted online. The show runs at 37 Arts Theater in New York City from March 24th through March 27th at 8pm, then on March 28th at 7pm and 10pm. Check out the preview below.

Jim Jones ‘Na Na Nana Na Na’ Video Behind The Scenes

Jim Jones - Na Na Nana Na Na behind the scenes

Behind the scenes footage of Jim Jones filming his ‘Na Na Nana Na Na’ music video in New York City has been made available. The track, featuring NOE and Brittney Taylor, is off the rapper’s fourth studio album ‘Pray IV Reign’, out March 24th on Diplomat Records. Watch it via YouTube below.