Jin’s ‘Made For TV’ Lyrical Preview

Jin posted the following excerpt from a song he recently recorded titled ‘Made For TV’ on his blog at Myspace on Tuesday (August 14):

I don’t care about the fame or being a celebrity.
All I hope is that when I am gone you will remember me.
Being real is something that you can never pretend to be.
So when you claim that I am not, you are not offending me.

Jin ‘Top 5 (Dead or Alive)’ Video

Jin 'Top 5 (Dead or Alive)' music video

Jin is out with the video to his new single ‘Top 5 (Dead or Alive)’, off the New York City rapper’s second studio album ‘The Emcee’s Properganda’, out now on Draft. Watch it via Blastro below.

Jin Trouble In Germany

HopHopDX.com reports that Jin had a showcase performance on Friday, February 25 in Germany’s “Big Apple”, Wiesbaden. According to “eyewitnesses”, Jin could not move the crowd of less than 200 people. After he performed some of his songs according to HHDX’s “bouncing” source “He was losing the crowd…so he had to rap on Fabolous and Kanye tracks…otherwise the few people would have lost their interest!” Read more.

MTV Asia’s Q&A With Jin

MTV Asia recently caught up with Jin for a Q&A and asked whether he thought as an Asian rapper, does he think he has the responsibility of setting the standards for other Asian artists to follow. “Not really. I mean, I know the one thing I’ve always felt, and I think I can speak for on behalf of a lot of the Asians in the community, is that we certainly need more representation in [the] media, not only just rap music but all across the board,” Jin explained. “Whether it’s acting, like you have your Jackie Chans and Jet Lis, but even then, all you see them playing are certain few roles. You never see them playing anything besides a martial artist. Everybody feels we need more representation whether it be music, arts, entertainment, whatever. So for me, I always feel like, if I can contribute to that, then cool. I definitely understand the significance of me being Asian and being in a hip-hop industry or the rap industry where it’s dominantly blacks [and] Latinos. And, you know, I’m all for it. I’m all for being one of the voices but I certainly would never be like ‘Yo, I speak on behalf of the whole Asian community’ because my opinion is not the only opinion.”

Asian-American Rapper Jin Makes Hip-Hop History

NPR’s Derek John reports on hip-hop artist Jin, the first Asian-American rapper to release a major-label record. Jin’s new CD, ‘The Rest is History’, challenges negative images of people of Chinese heritage in American culture. Listen to the report via NPR.org below.

Can Jin Become The Asian Eminem?

Asian-American rapper Jin has his record label all figured out if his debut album ‘The Rest Is History’, is a smash. “If I do good, every label’s gonna be like, ‘ Find me the next Jin! Find me one better than him,” Jin explained to Complex magazine. “And, yo, I won’t be mad at that.” He seems to already know some of the “next” Jin’s. “I know there are a lot of talented Asian artists that might not be getting their shine ’cause the industry is like, ‘A Chinese rapper? Would that work?'”