You Hear Jin First

Jin is the latest artist to be featured on MTV’s You Hear it First. The Asian-American rapper addressed comparisons to Eminem saying, “I would hate to sit here and compare myself to him because we’re two different individuals. The comparisons are eerie, but I didn’t set out on a path to be just like him. Like, ‘He battled his way to the top. I’m gonna do that, too.’ We both ended up feeling it was our way to get recognition because battling is a true show of talent.” Watch the video clip here.

Jin Downplays Race

Though he is one of the first Asian-American MC’s to sign such a high profile deal, Jin downplayed race in a recent interview with MuchMusic saying, “As much as I embrace my culture, the last thing I’m trying to do right now is exploit it. I couldn’t be more proud and the Asian community has shown me a lot of love and support, but at the end of the day it’s bigger than that. It’s about hip hop as a whole.”

Jin Doesn’t Want His Race To Be A Gimmick

Chinese American rapper Jin is featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s feature The Next Wave, profiling the top 10 new artists to watch in 2003, putting him at #5. Jin will appear on ‘The Fast and the Furious II’ and has a new album out early this summer. Jin says, “I’m happy that the Asian community is showing me so much love, but I never want my race to be a gimmick.”