Joe Budden Debates Skip Bayless On Tim Tebow

Rapper Joe Budden joins First Take to debate Skip Bayless on Tim Tebow’s long term status in Denver. “I think that before Skip goes to bed, that he puts on a Tim Tebow pajama set, with footsies included, and helmet. I think in your dreams, you envision yourself driving down the field last two minutes of the game, so when Tim Tebow does it in real life, you relate to it. You really think that it’s you. You have something personally invested with Tim Tebow,” Budden told Bayless.

Video at has since been removed.

Joe Budden Discusses ‘Mood Muzik 4’, Slaughterhouse’s Jack Thriller recently interviewed Joe Budden. The rapper talked about his album ‘Mood Muzik 4’, his performance at BB King’s recently, being an independent artist, Slaughterhouse and Eminem, the Tahiry and Somaya Reece situation, his collaboration with Fabolous and Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent filling up his truck with millions of dollars and more. “If and when it happens, the fans will be the first to know,” Budden said about Slaughterhouse and Eminem. “There won’t be any question to be asked. Right now, I don’t have nothing to say about it… It’s in the lawyer’s hands and it’s between Shady.”

Joe Budden ‘Follow My Lead’ Video

Joe Budden 'Follow My Lead' music video

Joe Budden is out with the music video to his new single ‘Follow My Lead’, off the New Jersey rapper’s mixtape ‘Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst’, which can be streamed and downloaded below the cut. Watch the video via YouTube below.


Joell Ortiz ‘We Don’t Believe You’ Video Behind The Scenes

Joell Ortiz checked in with Joe Budden and Novel on the set of his ‘We Don’t Believe You’ music video, directed by Rik Cordero. “Man we just havin a blast puttin people on blast,” Joell says in the behind the scenes clip. “That’s what’s goin on. You know the dude’s who’s lips don’t match the person that they are. Who’s talkin it but not livin it. But we’re doing it in a fun way. We ain’t really trying to get at anybody, we’re just making it comical.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Joe Budden ‘In My Sleep’ Video

Joe Budden is out with the video to his new single ‘In My Sleep’, the second release off the Jersey City, New Jersey rapper’s second album ‘Padded Room’, out Amalgam Digital. Watch the Rik Cordero directed video below.

Joe Budden ‘In My Sleep’ Video Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage from Joe Budden ‘In My Sleep’ music video has been posted at Amalgam Digital’s YouTube channel. The track is off Budden’s forthcoming album ‘Padded Room’ out February 24th. The video features commentary from Budden and director Rik Cordero. Watch the video below.

iCON The Mic King Challenges Joe Budden In 100m Dash

After handily defeating PackFM in a foot race, iCON The Mic King challenges Joe Budden to a 100 meter dash. “I challenging you right now,” Icon said. “Me and you gonna do a 100 meter dash, and Ima body you!” iCON is confident of a win after recently completing a charity Half Marathon benefiting The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Watch it via YouTube below.

Saigon Responds To Joe Budden’s ‘Letter To Saigon’ With ‘Underachiever’

Saigon is responding to the Joe Budden diss track ‘Letter To Saigon’ in a posting on his blog at MySpace (@saigonthayardfather), after posting the track ‘Underachiever’ in response on his player. The Brooklyn rapper tells readers:

Hahaha…. I know many of you have been watching whats been going on between me and this mouse named Joseph Anthony Budden AKA Joe Budden… I’m really starting to think this guy thinks Im scared to battle him.. Before I continue I must say this, even knowing battling is a very important part of hip hop, Ive always tried to stay away from doing it. I never liked the idea of 2 men writing down jokes or insults about each other when they could easily just put on some boxing gloves and put their manhoods on the line… I know people always say that sounds violent but that’s how REAL men settled their differences when I was bought up…I noticed the ONLY way this guy will ever excel at rapping if its him writing jokes about someone or doing a bunch of fu**ing name dropping which is what actually started all of this… For a guy who has had a chance to put out his album and STILL make NO mark whatsoever in the game is pitiful… I really don’t even know why I’m entertaining a guy who has dropped albums, came in with Desert Storm when they were very VERY hot and in 2009 he’s still stuck in the same fu**ing spot he was in when he came… I know… It doesn’t make sense.. This is the first and last diss record Ive ever done in my life so don’t expect this to keep going back and forth.. Unlike the mouse, I have a mission with my music and its not just running around trying to start battles but to continue my role as an activist in my community and to teach and uplift the generation coming up under me…….. After doing this rap battle sh**, I see why this is the only thing he’s good for..

The entire post has since been removed. Listen to Budden’s ‘Letter To Saigon’ below.

Joe Budden ‘Touch & Go’ Video

‘Touch & Go’ was initially supposed to be the lead-single for Joe Budden’s sophomore album ‘Padded Room’, but because of some developments, the rapper has recorded a new lead-single and Joe decided to push ‘Padded Room’ back to February 24, 2009, giving the new single a push at radio and video. Now, ‘Touch & Go’ is resurfacing as the lead-single to Joe’s “pre-quel” to ‘Padded Room’, entiteld ‘Halfway House’ which will be released on October 28th. Watch the ‘Touch & Go’ video below.