Joe Young Prices ‘Great Ape’ Mixtape For The Recession

Joe Young checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Thursday (January 1), promoting the release of his new ‘Great Ape’ mixtape, available for $1.50, which the German rapper says is being done because “it’s a recession going on so I still wanted to provide good music in this time everybody can love and enjoy for an affordable price.” The disc features appearances by Lil Wayne, Akon, Raekwon the Chef, and more.

Joe Young Prepping ‘Cash And Grams’ Follow-Up

Joe Young checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Monday (December 22). The rapper writes:

Joe Young, Carry G Managements and Younglife Music Group partnered up with Rich Money LLC. To bring you the Smash Product of 2009. FOREVERYOUNG. Currently we are prepping the highly anticipated follow up to JOE YOUNG Cash and Grams Album. The official release of this album is the Smash Hit “EYES” featuring multi-platinum 8 Grammys nominated Artist LIL WAYNE and the RnB sensation LLOYD. Dropping on the 23th of January worldwide online. We be shooting a video to the song as well but more details about that will be posted. Just stay tuned.

09 is us!!


Happy New Year From Joe Young

Joe Young checked in with his friends on MySpace (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Monday (December 31) with the following bulletin:

2007 was nice but 2008 will be of the chain.
-New Music,
-New Shows,
-New Money,
-shoes dropping real soon with the Mixtape/..Streetalbum along with it.
So please be informed that its going down.

Shout outs to everybody that supported the movement in any kind of way.
God 1st and don’t Party to hard.

Yours truly,

-Joe Young

Joe Young Reflects

Joe Young checked in with his MySpace friends (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

The year is almost over and we all got older, wiser and the time on this planet is bringing us all closer to our destination. But most of all, its bringing us closer to God. We should all grow in Spirit, Wisdom and Understanding of how things work together for Good for all those wo are in Christ and live life coming closer to God. I’m not perfect and I’m not an Angel but I’m striving for the Betterment of my Soul, Spirit and our environment.

I wish all of you blessed holidays, and peaceful spirits. Let’s all celebrate Christmas in the right state of mind and may God lead us all to the next year in peace… May God have a Hand over all the Activities going on in War zones like Iraq. One Angel for each Solider.

God is Good.


Joe Young: New Album Is Going To Be A Timeless Masterpiece

Joe Young checked in with his MySpace friends (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Tuesday (November 27) with the following bulletin:

Just came back from the studio. The Album is to heavy for the present and damn sure to Crazy for the Future so its going down in history and the History is my definition of timeless. It’s going to be a timeless Masterpiece that gonna go down in History lol. Mark my Words…Classic. It will be well rounded. I got something for everybody on it with my Stamp dough. Got the Illest Producers on my Joint and the Illes Niggaz spitting Flames. Believe that. But go out in December and cop the New Wu Tang Album…. the craft is crazy. God is Good.

“we Breeding a Monster”

…don’t forget about me


Joe Young’s Got A Beef With Beef

Joe Young checked in with his MySpace friends (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Saturday (November 24) with the following bulletin:

Fu** Rap Beef and Beef in General.
Go out, Go Hard, Get Money Power and Respect and keep it moving.
I ain’t with the beef sh** or jealous sh**. If you doing what you doing 100% and you’re true to yourself and keep it real with God you cant be touched… I can’t be touched. I’m close to God. I let niggaz feel the way they want to feel about me. That’s on them. I’ma continue to do what I do till the Lord comes and get me. So get it in, get it how you live stay with it and pursue your dream. But if you on that other sh**. Be on that other sh** and go hard with it.
I’m not with WWF (Watch Who’s Fake).
Good night and God Bless. Ps have Fun at the Club I’m going to sleep. lol


Joe Young ‘Blutiful World’ Audio

Joe Young posted the following bulletin to fans on Wednesday (September 12): “Check this out, you gonna hate it or love it!!!! Spider Loc, E-Note, Papa Smurf, Joe Young, ‘Blutifull World’, my Page, New Song, Younglife!!!!!!!!! GUNIT!!!!!!!!!! ….nuff said. Listen, Drop comments, God Bless” Check it out at

Joe Young Wrapping Up ‘God Is Good’

Joe Young posted the following bulletin to his Myspace friends on Wednesday (August 22):

Joe Young ‘God is Good’ coming soon! Wrapping up the last couple of tracks right now. Let me fly to LA on the 15th of next month and New York to get more heat. Not satisfied yet. But I will hit you with tracks soon throughout the internet and the Myspace joint as well. So get ready Songs of the Album up as of next week.

Shoutouts to the good Folks of MRF Entertainemt and Aftermath Music. Also look out for my Boy Stat Quo coming soon with ‘STATLANTA’ and 50 Cent ‘CURTIS’ and Yes, the WUTANGCLAN ‘8 Diagrams’. Alot of good Music coming these days. Holla


Joe Young Blasts Scott Storch’s Alleged Racist Remarks About Timbaland

Joe Young posted the following bulletin to fans on his Myspace on Saturday (August 11):

Scott Storch called Timbo a Ni**er?
Man what’s up with that Clown? I mean I don’t like Timbaland’s personality too much but he has done a lot for Music you have to respect. Aaliyah, Missy, Jay-Z, you name em he had them in the studio and here comes this broke as Piano Man calling Tim a Nigga. Get lost with your wack ass man Scotty is over. Pay that man what you owe him if it ain’t money it’s respect and pay your Lawsuit. TELL BRET LEWIS TO HOLLA AT ME ONCE HE TORE YOUR ASS UP IN COURT YO BITCH ASS BUSTER (Sorry for talking reckless but son is a clown for calling a black man a ni**er)

Joe Young Q&A

Aftermath Music caught up with Joe Young for a Q&A, asking the German rapper about the concept of the his upcoming record and what kind of vibe it will have. “The concept is simply – Letting people know that Joe Young is still there and that ‘God is Good’. I wanted to create an album thats good in the streets, the clubs, the radios. It’s an universal vibe for universal people. It’s not in one Box this Time. It’s a new way of thinking.” As for the release date: “I’m negotiating the release date right now with my new home, but hopefully still this year.” The full interview at has since been removed.