Jurassic 5’s Soup Talks About Tour Bus Crash

Flagrant of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with Jurassic 5 crew member Zaakir AKA Soup, and asked him about the tour bus accident in August of 2000 while travelling to Houston as part of the Warped Tour. “We just crashed man,” he said. “It was semi serious and everybody is alive and nobody was maimed or crippled. It’s a sticky situation and we crashed. We didn’t go off a cliff, we didn’t fall in a ravine of water and the bus didn’t flip over 17 times. By the grace and mercy of God we’re here to do what we do.”

Jurassic 5 Brings Hip Hop To Lollapalooza

With two DJ’s, Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist, Jurassic 5 have crafted a new take on that classic old-school hip-hop sound. Like a reinvigorated dream team of Grandmaster Flash, the Cold Crush Brothers and the Sugarhill Gang, they bring rapid-fire rhymes, four-man harmonies and wild block-party beats like no one else in hip-hop. “If you listen to hip-hop, you’re going to borrow something,” DJ Nu-Mark contended to Michael Machosky of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. “There’s going to be that DJ Premier beat, that Pete Rock beat that you feel. That’s how you know it’s good music. It changes your soul and makes you think differently.” J5 have taken that new sound on the current Lollapalooza tour, which Nu-Mark says is “a good challenge for us.”

The story at pittsburghlive.com has since been removed.

Jurassic 5 Welcomes ‘Alternative’ Label

“Alternative” is a label Jurassic 5 welcomes as a group. “We like alternative because to me it just means that we have a license to do whatever we want,” Cut Chemist tells Chris Harris of the Hartford Advocate. “We’re alternative, and I like that. It means on the next record, we could sh** we could do a folk record if we wanted to, and the critics would be like, ‘This is so alternative — I love it.’ That’s fine with me.” He adds the group won’t pander to the lowest common denominator to increase record sales. “I don’t want to be a part of the mainstream if it means making records that sound like everything else in the mainstream,” he says. “I don’t listen to that sh** and I don’t like it, and I don’t like anything it stands for. If I’m going to drive around in a Hummer limo with champagne and girls and sh** it’s not my steeze.”

Jordan Presents LOVE: In Concert

Eve, Jurassic 5, The Roots, Ludacris, MC Doug E. Fresh, Ja Rule, and Biz Markie attended Jordan Presents LOVE: In Concert in Atlanta at the AmericasMart on Friday (February 7) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jurassic 5 Truly Have Power In Numbers

HipOnline.com chatted with Jurassic 5’s Charlie 2na and asked how good is it to have the rest of the guys backing you up. “Power in numbers. Really though. Truthfully, that is where the album title came from,” he explained. “Six of us backing each other up, that is power in numbers. Together we sail. It’s cool to be able to bounce ideas of each other. Sometimes it feels like there are too many cooks in the kitchen but you have them to help you discern what is good. You do have to put your ego to the side and sacrifice certain things for the good of the project. But we know this and accept it.”

Jurassic 5’s Message Hasn’t Changed

Jurassic 5

According to Mark 7, the message of Jurassic 5’s music really has not changed over the years. If anything, it’s just become darker and more aggressive, given these times of uncertainty. “A lot of the things we were fighting for back then we’re still fighting for now,” he tells Sandra Barrera of the LA Daily News. “The things happening in the world you know what I’m saying affect us on an artistic level.”

Understanding Hip Hop Helped J5 Create Unique Sound

Todd Gilchrist of Entertainment Today spoke with Chali 2na and Soup of Jurassic 5. 2na explained that understanding a thorough history of hip-hop development was essential to crafting their now-trademark sound. “We loved the Run DMCs and the LL Cool Js of the world when they first came out,” 2na says. “But later we ran into old tapes of the Cold Crush Brothers, Force MDs, and saw how hip-hop was put down in the beginning when there weren’t any videos or budget record companies. You’ll find that a lot of them cats had long, concise choruses, long ones, would switch the mic a lot, they had to entertain the crowd. That’s the ethic that we take from the whole ‘old-school’ aspect of things, that’s why people always try to put that label on us.” Read more.

Roots Lead A Celebration Of Positive Party Hip-Hop

Dean Kuipers of the Los Angeles Times reviewed the 10th annual Holiday Cooldown show for the Beat (100.3 FM) at the Universal Amphitheatre the other night. Kuipers says The Roots were the performance of the night, amongst the impressive list of sets by Raphael Saadiq, Slum Village, Jurassic 5, and Gang Starr.

Jurassic 5 Reaches Beyond Ego, Power And Greed

‘Power in Numbers’, the latest effort from Jurassic 5, is Virgin Mega Magazine’s album of the week. Kim Taylor reviewed the album and said, “In a time when a very real focus in the hip hop community is on who’s behind killing whom, gang violence and jockeying for position of East and West coast players, there is actually a hip hop act that reaches beyond the earthy influence of ego, power and greed to speak a few universal truths that we truly need to be reminded of at this point in time.” The full story at virginmegamagazine.com has since been removed.