Jurassic 5 Talk Line Between Commercial & Underground

Beat.com.au spoke with Jurassic 5 MC Chali who talked about the line between the commercial and underground rap scene is slowly fading away and credited the latest effort from Jay-Z for helping that effect. Chali said, “The mesh between the two is finally starting to happen, because it is now being brought back to creativity. Even people who are in the seats of the Jay-Zs and the Cash Money click, these guys have to compete with the new guys who are coming up from the underground who are more creative in certain areas – like the new Jay-Z album [The Blueprint] is a lot more creative than his last couple of efforts, I believe. He really just took it there. To me, it didn’t sound like he went out and tried to cop those extremely commercial beats, he just did a body of work that he thought sounded good – and I appreciated that. A lot of people on the underground are really militant about their stance in hip-hop, and, to me, it’s idiotic to be as one-sided about something that’s so diverse and so round and that has brought so many styles of people together.”

Jurassic 5 Explain Origin Of Their Name

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with Jurassic 5 and Charles ‘Chali 2na’ Stewart explained how the band was named.
Chali 2na revealed, “I played the song to my friend’s mother and she made a joke: ‘You guys think you sound like the Fantastic Five, but you sound more like the Jurassic Five.’ And we started laughing but, well, the name stuck.”

MC Marc 7 Surprised By ‘Quality Control’ Reaction

Russell Bailie of the New Zealand Herald spoke with Jurassic 5 member Mark Sievens, aka MC Marc 7. When asked about the critical acclaim of their ‘Quality Control’ album, Mark said, “I was surprised because so many liked the EP and it was such a different move from the EP. It was totally two different sounds and two different directions, but that is the thing about us – you can never expect a certain kind of sound from us or know what we are going to do next, and that is a good thing. I don’t want to be predictable like that, especially when it comes to music.”

I Saw Akil & DJ Nu-Mark Of Jurassic 5 Smoking Dope!

Not like it should shock anyone I guess but earlier tonight at the Bumbershoot concert while Mos Def (who was amazing btw) was performing, the guys from Jurassic 5 were in a trailer left of the stage with the lights on/window shades open and I saw Akil and DJ Nu-Mark of the group dragging on a joint. Even though they keep the lyrics clean, these guys ain’t no Will Smith type of group!

Seattle Times Profiles Tonight’s Hip Hop 101 At Bumbershoot

Hip Hop 101 will open the mainstage tonight at the annual Bumbershoot celebration in Seattle. The bands showcase include Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5 and Mos Def. I’ll be at the event tonight and will post a review as time permits. For more info on the concert and Bumbershoot’s efforts to reinvent itself in its 31st year by having a hipper selection of music.