Kano Won’t Change To Match What’s In On Radio

Kano offered ITN his thoughts on musical partnerships and the guys from British boy band JLS. “If I’m making music that isn’t the in thing on the radio, I’m not gonna change,” the rapper said. “I’m going to continue to make the music that I feel is right for me. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been a little bit ahead of the scene where I come from. I was experimenting with different sounds at a time where everybody said it has to be grime.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Kano Promotes ‘Get Wild’ On Westwood’s 1Xtra Show

Kano dropped by Tim Westwood’s show on 1Xtra in London, talking about his new single ‘Get Wild’, how it was his birthday, coming back from mixing the album in New York City, recording some of it in Berlin and some in Kingston, teaming with Wiley on the record, and freestyled for the newsreader Amy. Watch the 2-part interview via YouTube below.

Kano Performs At Dubai’s Le Meridien

Hollywood.tv was on hand at Club Alpha at Le Meridien in Dubai where London grime act Kano performed. The rapper talked about his feelings about the city, his recently released third album ‘140 Grime Street’, how he got a following in London via pirate radio, his favorite U.S. rappers, and what to expect with his live shows. Watch the interview, featuring clips from his live performance, via YouTube below.

Wot Do You Call It? Garage

Future Shorts has a new documentary looking into the world of MCs and the underground garage music scene in London, England. The clip features and focuses on Wiley, with comments from Kano and lesser known artists Breeze, Pitbull T, Discarda, Terror Danjah, Ghetto and Stormin’, Jammer, and Crazy Titch. Watch the feature, directed by Adam Smith, below.

Kano Talks With The Hook Up

Kano interview

MySpace.com’s The Hook Up caught up with Kano, who talked about his new album, Jamaica and who he prefers: Dizzee Rascal or Wiley? Watch the interview via MySpace below.

Kano On The Streets

Popworld caught up with Kano for a Q&A and asked the singer if Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, is the genius everyone says he is. “Well if everyone says that, he must be,” Kano said. “I’ve worked with him and he’s very talented.”

Kano ‘Brown Eyes’ Video

Kano 'Brown Eyes' music video

Kano is out with the video to his new single ‘Brown Eyes’, off the British rapper’s debut album ‘Home Sweet Home’, out now on 679 Recordings. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kano 'Brown Eyes' cover art