Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year From Kia Shine

Kia Shine 'Due Season'

Kia Shine, aka Kinfolk, checked in with his MySpace friends (@kiashine) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year… and thank all of you for making this year one of my best I also encourage all of you to remember what the true meaning of Christmas and the most important gift of all, Jesus our lord and savior. Please be safe over this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

07 was straight but 08 going to be GREAT!!

If you had a rough year this year, its done, focus on making this year better, when the years change it’s an opportunity for a “fresh” start. If you had a good year, don’t get lazy, and slack up and get complacent, do more, if you was getting money in 07 get more in 08. accomplish more, challenge yourself, GRIND HARDER. To my artist out there, remember, it’s new artist every year that come up, it can be you this year.. Just believe and do the work, most importantly pray and ask God for Direction. To all my ladies If you came out of a bad relationship in 07, somebody new is waiting for in 08..

All I’m saying is this is your year!!!

And as far as Kia Shine is concerned… Everybody sleeping on me will wake up working for me…

I am going to outdo 07 in 08 I am thankful for all that god did this year but I know that he has so much more for me to do and say with my music. Everyday I’m growing, and getting better so my music will grow and get better. I just want all of you to grow with me… 08 is a new season, but understand it’s still due season… Music, (‘The Kush’ is coming soon) movies, clothes, shoes, studios, new artist are just a few things that are to come, along with Shine Foundation… (which is ran by wifey) will be doing things to give back and help the community, and the most important thing that is coming is my baby … coming May 2008

Oh yeah to my promoters, that special is still running
just holla@me

Be blessed

Kia Shine CEO of The Rap Hustlaz Movement

Kia Shine ‘WOW’ Video

Kia Shine 'Due Season'

Kia Shine, aka Kinfolk, is out with the video to his new single ‘WOW’, from the Memphis, Tennessee rapper’s first studio album ‘Due Season’, out now on Universal Music. Watch it below.

Kia Shine: I Believe In Myself And My Music

Kia Shine 'Due Season'

Kia Shine, aka Kinfolk, was sharing his appreciation for the fans in a bulletin to his MySpace (@kiashine) friends on Friday (December 14). The Memphis rapper writes:

Every person that takes the time to read this I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I thank each one of you that cares enough to spread the word about my music and movement. I thank you for representing for me. An underdog. This music is what I eat sleep and breathe and I give all I got to this.. I love it. and I love y’all… I may not get to respond to every message but I read them all.. Don’t stop reaching out to me. I need the inspiration on days where I get negativity thrown in my face about me or my music. (Read the XXL with Wayne on it) you’ll see what I mean.. Despite what critics are haters or non believers may ever say… I believe in myself and my music and I thank you for believing. I am not a follower, I’m a leader, a grinder, I will continue the venue, and I will take my respect and continue to be different and being true to who I am. The tsunami of swagger and the definition of grind, a true rap hustla.

Kia Shine Scolds Fans Who Don’t Buy His CDs, Ringtones, Concert Tix

Kia Shine checked in with his MySpace friends (@kiashine) with a bulletin on Thursday (October 4). He writes:

What up to all my MySpace Kinfolks and fam out here reading this bulletin… it’s been a minute since I been on my page, but I’m back like I forgot something. First thing first… I have 38,000 MySpace friends, DO ALL OF YOU HAVE MY CD ‘DUE SEASON’? This is not a shot at any of you that have it, thanks from the bottom of my heart, but for those of you that claim to support my music and movement and still haven’t went to Best Buy or even ITUNES where they have the CD for 7.99, your really trippin.

Let me define support. It means to go an BUY the CD, RINGTONE, SHOW TICKET ETC, I was talking to this person, I won’t name names, but they stayed my face all night while I was in a particular club, talking about how they’d been following my music since Tv’s and Streetwars, and even Diamond Cut, (that was my first label for those of you who don’t know). This person went on & on about how they loved all the music and video etc etc, even tried to buy me drinks, that were 10 dollars a peice, then I asked about songs that where not singles that where on my ‘Due Season’ CD like ‘Face Card’, and ‘Due Season’, this person was like they hadn’t heard those, I asked, have you bought my cd… The look on this person’s face was so funny I wish I had a picture… Then came the excuses and apologies, and I’m going to go get it 2morrow first thing…

The moral of the story is this, don’t say you support me and don’t go out and buy the music. I appreciate the kind words or dancing to the music in the clubs or banging it on the radio… but want means the most to me is when a person takes time out of his or her day and hard earn money from there pocket to buy my music, that’s support, that’s REAL love… I have given away over 100,000 CD samplers of my album and I continue to do that. To have not sold that amount of at least of CDs is a slap in the face, because I expect nothing but what i give…

Now I do appreciate all of you that have bought my ringtones, we are almost gold in that area, and yes that’s still counts as support in my book. (thanks I consider it a blessing) but if you have not bought a ‘Wow’ ringtone or ‘Krispy’ ringtone or a ‘Due Season’ CD (out of the stores or online) or paid to come to one of my shows, please don’t say that you are supporting my music and my movement, because your not. and that’s just the truth.

Kia Shine Thanks Fans For Buying ‘Due Season’

Kia Shine checked in with fans with a bulletin on his Myspace on Monday (August 6). He writes:

I want to thank all of my myspace kinfolks for buying Due Season!!!
I have almost 40,000 friends so I engourage all of you to please go to
the store and or itunes and please buy Due Season. I put my heart and soul
in to it and its 100% real. Ask someone who has it … I thank you so much
in advance for those of you who will read this and go out and get it today
or this week.

i will find out what i sold first week on wed. I hope and pray that
the numbers are good and above any of my haters expectations. However,
I will continue to grind it out regardless, Due Season will go platinum.
if i have to go to every city state hood, club, school, store, mall, whatever….If
i gotta do a show a day. I will get this Due Season heard!!!! I will make
this entire industry and world Respect my Fresh My mind and my grind!!!
This is Gods Plan and nothing can get in the way of it. Whether its platinum
in month to a year, its going to happen. WOW is about to get a video and
the world is about to see it all over again….So if you thought that it
was gonna stop with krispy or that i was some fly by night one hit wonder
overnight success, you really need to do you research and you are about
to be in for a rude awakening. I say this with no disrespect to any one,
and as humble as possible but I will win, I will get on, and I am the next.
If I have to drop a video for every song on my cd i will keep coming back
and back and back and back until I’m plat!!!!!

BEGINNING!!! and I WILL continue to praise god, I will continue to be myself
and be real to what and who I am. I will remain humble. and I WILL use
my gift,voice aand talent to BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS!!!!



Please remember how I came, in this game. CEO, breaking new artist…..I’m
about to make you remember that I am and we are a movement. RAP HUSTLAZ



(TommyRich & Dirty Fresh)





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Rap acts on television this week include Hurricane Chris, who performs on ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; Common, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Tuesday; and Kia Shine, who visits ‘The Sauce’ on Wednesday.

Kia Shine Buzzed About ‘Wow’ Release

Kia Shine checked in with fans with a bulletin on Myspace on Wednesday (July 11). “Can I be honest with you’ll for a minute? Thanks,” he writes. “I am so ready to drop the next single ‘Wow’ and video! I love ‘Krispy’ don’t get it confused, but that ‘Wow’ is that record! I put the house on it! Please start requesting at the clubs and at radio now! I wanted it as my first single but, you know how it goes when your signed you have to compromise at times. No regrets, just finally glad that it’s about that time to drop ‘Wow’ right when the CD is about to be in stores July 31st.

Kia Shine’s ‘Krispy’ Video

Kia Shine's 'Krispy' music video

Kia Shine is out with the video to his new single ‘Krispy’, from the album ‘Due Season’, out in July on Motown. Watch it via YouTube below.