Knoc-turn’al Goes On Nationwide Tour With Luda & Chingy

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For those of you who are ready for the long-awaited debut from Dr. Dre’s protege, the wait is almost coming to an end. His major label debut ‘The Way I Am’ has been pushed back to a March 23rd release date. You can still catch Knoc on tour in a city near you. Knoc-turn’al is currently on a nationwide tour in promotion of his upcoming album along with Ludacris, Chingy and I-20 from DTP. Check ticketmaster for prices and availbility. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Knoc-Turn’Al: Record Setting MC

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Few accomplishments are so great that they are known by most everyone. Hank Aaron’s home run mark, Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive games played streak and Wilt Chamberlain’s self-proclaimed number of women he bedded are a few that stand out. West coast rapper Knoc-Turn’al also has a record, one that just may rank with the aforementioned marks. “I own the record for being in the studio, and keepin Dre in the studio, the longest, which is 76 hours, nonstop…” To read about everything that went on during that recording session, Knoc’s extraordinary relationship with his label (Elektra), and his main goal for his upcoming album (which may surprise you), click here.

Knoc-turn’al Gets Probation For Marijuana Possession

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On Thursday (January 15), west coast rapper Knoc-turn’al appeared before a Glendale judge facing his possession of marijuana equaling over an ounce. The rapper saw the charges dropped to a misdemeanor and received one year of probation. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Knoc-Turn’al Not Mad About 1st Album Being Bootlegged

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Knoc-Turn’al is one of the rising stars on the west coast hip-hop scene. His highly anticipated solo debut, The Way I Am, is nearly upon us. His first release, Knoc’s Landin’, was scheduled to drop two summers ago, but was heavily bootlegged months before it’s release forcing Elektra to shelf it’s release. With that happening, Knoc headed back into the studio to work on The Way I Am. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Knoc-Turn’al Speaks With

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Some of the biggest breaks in life come by way of chance meetings and this scenario couldn’t be told any better than by Elektra/L.A. Confidential recording artist Knoc-turn’al. Knoc was taken to a studio for a once in a lifetime meeting by his friend (who was employed by Dr. Dre) to be introduced to the legendary producer. Read the exclusive interview at

Behind The Scenes: All West Coast DVD Movie

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The creation of the first ever all-West Coast Mix Tape/DVD Movie/Soundtrack CD has begun! “No More Waiting, No More Hating” started filming in June, starring Damizza, Shade Sheist, N.U.N.E. and Knoc-Turn’Al on site at Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous ‘Bates Motel.” The shoot is a mix of all west coast artists which is the first ever of it’s kind. “It’s basically half short film & half music video. To call it simply, we pretty much just doing another ‘Thriller’, just a hip hop version,” Shade Sheist told Knocturnal added, “it’s gonna be very crazy and very interesting to understand the ‘Pulp-Fiction’ side of this entertainment business.”

Knoc-turn’al Talks About Eminem’s Influnence In Hip Hop

Contributed Anonymously: got an opportunity to interview Knoc-turn’al about his solo debut album titled The Lp set to hit Stores July 1st. Get to know Knoc-turn’al in this Two Part Interview uncut and uncensored as he keeps it So Hood and didn’t bite his tongue on any of our questions. He spoke eloquently with passion about current events happening in the World of Hip-Hop to the on wax beefs to the politics involved concerning East/West Coast Issues to his opinion on certain Hip-Hop artists to his upcoming projects down to, What’s the defination of C.R.I.P? Read more (part1 / part2).

Watch Knoc-turn’al Flash The Ganja caught up with West Coast rapper Knoc-turn’al who addressed the two coasts beefin’, he beat on the drums for a bit, the bootleg that’s out, he flashes a baggie of weed repeatedly, eyeballed some women in New York, and more. has since shut down.

Knoc-Turn’al On Craig Kilborn Friday

Not much for rap acts on television this week, though Knoc-Turn’al will be on the Late Late show with Craig Kilborn on Friday (August 9). Check your local listings.