KRS-One Talks With Alex Jones About Obama, 9-11

Alex Jones welcomed to his show KRS-One the other day, talking about his work against violence in hip hop and the controversy that he created with his September 11th comments. “Just because we have an African American president, does this make us now more palatable to the agendas of a new world order a new world system,” KRS-One wondered. “Just because we have an African American president does that erase the agenda that we already know is underway?” KRS-One added that he’s concerned that blacks will have a blind loyalty to Obama, while Jones thinks Obama is party of “a giant new world order psyop.” Watch the 4-part interview below.

Maya Jupiter Raps With KRS-One

Maya Jupiter updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mayajupiter) on Saturday (January 10), talking about attending KRS-One’s show in Long Beach on Friday night. The Australian hip hop artist tells readers:

OMG!!!!!!! I have had one of the most amazing nights of my life, better than rapping with Prince, yes I said it. And I’ve never written a blog after a show so here it is. Earlier this week I got to hear the legendary blastmaster KRS-1 give a talk (3 hrs) about the TRUE origins of hip hop, that was so enlightening I’ll have to write about it another time.. Tonight was unbelievable for a humble emcee like me. Seeing KRS rock a club in Long Beach performing classics and rockin over classic music and swing was breathtaking. He truly is the emcee, but he’s so much more. And yes the teacher did teach. He told us that it is not the past that propels us but the future that pulls us forward. That we should visualize ourselves in the future and all that we want to be, to stand our ground and the world will bend for you. That’s the best way I can sum it up but you should look up temple of hip hop and go see him speak for yourself – very inspiring. So I’m going crazy, close to the front when the mic opens up, KRS takes a step back and lets the emcees on stage do their thing, shouts to Soul Elevation who was on stage with KRS and whom did a crazy beatbox, so I jump up on stage with the other eager emcees to get a taste and Prince Po grabs the mic!! So naturally I jump right back off stage! I thought thats it, it’s over.. but the mic opens up again! So this time I get on stage and go straight for the mic. Introduce myself and go for it. I spat part of a new verse I just wrote about the sh** going down in Palestine, I get real emotional when I rhyme cos I mean what I say and I got so caught up in the moment I think I jumped all the way through my verse! I ended it with a short freestyle and said Peace. Crazy. Later on KRS says to me ‘don’t ever ever ever stop what you’re doin’ Breathe.. Sorry I’m still way to excited. Now I’m a person who has self doubt like everyone else and sometimes I wonder what my true purpose is but when I’m on that stage saying things close to my heart I know that’s where I’m supposed to be. The little comment from KRS-1 means the world to me and is something so special I will remember it clearly and use it as fuel. 2009 look out! If I could be my 50 yr old self speaking to my 30 yr old self I would say work hard, listen to that little voice and never stop believing in yourself. Peace around the world. 1 Hip hop nation.

KRS-One ‘The Power Of Future’ Freestyle

KRS-One is out with a freestyle of ‘The Power Of Future’, created by the veteran MC to uplift the listener’s perspective on how to shape their future and create the future they’ve always dreamed about. KRS developed these lessons before his career started and he was homeless in NY sleeping on park benches. He visualized his future and became the man he is today. Watch the video via MySpace below.

The Most Underrated MC Of All-Time

Contributed by AdamBernard:

When people start talking about the greatest emcees of all-time the usual cast of characters is brought up. KRS-One, Rakim, 2Pac, Biggie, etc., all get mentioned. Older fans, like myself, will bring up Slick Rick and The Fresh Prince, while younger fans will point to Jay-Z, Eminem and Nas. There’s one artist that seemingly NEVER gets mentioned, though, and it’s someone who has long deserved to be in the discussion… Read the full story at:

Snoop Dogg ‘Sexual Eruption’ Audio

Snoop Dogg is premiering his new single ‘Sexual Eruption’ on his MySpace player (@snoopdogg). The track is the first release from the Long Beach rapper’s upcoming ninth album ‘Ego Trippin’, out next year. Snoop told MTV News regarding the LP, “I’mma do the whole record, me by myself. I don’t want no guest rappers, no singer, nothing. Just Snoop Dogg. I want you to feel me. When I think of all the greats before me … I bought Rakim’s album the other day for the hundredth time, no guest rappers. I bought one of KRS-One’s albums the other day for the hundredth time, no guest rappers.”

KRS-One Thanks Fans For Support Following Son’s Apparent Suicide

KRS-One posted the following message to fans on his blog at Myspace on Friday (July 27) in reaction to the apparent suicide death of his 23-year-old son Randy Hubbard Parker earlier this week:

Dear Friends and family:

We wish to thank all of you for your support and well wishes during this difficult period; however, for personal reasons, we have decided not to hold the planned New York memorial service. If the hundreds of letters and responses to the announcement of the passing of our son are any indication, we know that through you, his life and spirit will forever be celebrated and live on.

We extend our apologies to all who have come to our support, volunteered your time and services and planned to attend the service.We trust that you understand and respect our decision.

We continue to be deeply moved by your tremendous expressions of kindness and will forever hold you in our hearts and thoughts. May you continue to celebrate your life as you have celebrated our son’s.

With love and respect always,

The Parker Family

KRS-One Performs In New York

Kool Herc and Mrs. Mizell (Jam Master Jay’s Mother) were on hand for the KRS-One concert on Wednesday (April 6) at SOB’s in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Daily News Fires Back After KRS-One Complains

Though KRS-One says The New York Daily News took his remarks about 9/11 out of context, the paper claims otherwise. “No, we didn’t,” Rush and Molloy’s column insists. “Nor did audience members who heard his whole spiel and then jeered him. The New Yorker recorded the whole rant, including his claim that ‘the terrorists don’t have a problem with us’.”

KRS-One Spreads Refreshing Message

KRS-One can appeared Friday night at Metro and Matthew Lurie of the Chicago Tribune was there. Lurie says the veteran rapper “proved over and over why he is hip-hop’s best and truest advocate. Dressed in all black, with a cap withholding his dreadlocks, he stalked the stage through, ‘South Bronx,’ and the still-relevant, ‘Black Cop.’ In a rambling, deeply inspired speech, he re-addressed some of his recent controversial remarks on the usefulness of voting for minorities.”

KRS-One: I Cheered When 9/11 Happened

The New York Daily News reports KRS-One declared his solidarity with Al Qaeda by asserting that he and other African-Americans “cheered when 9/11 happened” at a recent New Yorker Festival panel discussion. “I say that proudly,” he said, insisting that, before the attack, security guards kept black people out of the Trade Center “because of the way we talk and dress. “So when the planes hit the building, we were like, ‘Mmmm – justice.'”