Rap The Voter HipHop Voter Empowerment Rally

WireImage.com has photos from the Rap the Voter HipHop Voter Empowerment Rally
on Saturday (November 2) at Compton Community College in Compton, California. KRS-One, MC Lyte, and Medusa were on hand. Check out pictures here.

Dalek Aims To Tear Down Commercial Rap Completely

Craig D. Lindsey of the Houston Press talked with New Jersey rapper Dälek (real name: Will Brookes) who wants audiences to know that he and others like him are aiming to tear down hip hop as we know it completely. He says commercial rap has already done its part to bury the genre alive. “That stuff has more in common with Britney Spears than it does with Public Enemy or KRS-One,” he says. “It’s all a packaged product, [so] from that angle of it, yeah, hip-hop is dead. But then you have other underground artists that are doing music to express what they’re going through in their life, and that’s what hip-hop is always about. So I don’t see hip-hop, in that sense, dying at all.”

KRS-One Updates Hip Hop Peace Document

This Hiphop Declaration of Peace guides Hiphop Kulture toward freedom from violence, and establishes advice and protection for the existence and development of the international Hiphop community. Through the principles of this Hiphop Declaration of Peace we, Hiphop Kulture, establish a foundation of health, love, awareness, wealth, peace and prosperity for ourselves, our children and their children’s children, forever. Read more.

Nelly Vs KRS-One: A Political Overview

Ernie Paniccioli gave his thoughts on the Nelly v. KRS-One beef to DaveyD.com. Paniccioli writes, “The main question that must be addressed is whether Hip Hop will be used as a tool of education, liberation, communication and survival [an argument for KRS-One] or a weapon used against used to promote greed, junk food, misogyny, and style over substance, blind patriotism, pre-packaged ‘safe’ emcees and another form of mind control? [an argument for Nelly]” Read more.

KRS-One Explains His Respect For Nelly

Launch.com spoke with KRS-One before he hit the stage at the Stuck On Earth rave which was held at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Wednesday. Addressing his beef with Nelly, KRS-One said, “Battle KRS for street credibility… I respect that. Do you know how much heart it takes to battle KRS? I respect that. I respect Nelly’s heart for that because he knows I’m going to smash him up against the wall like a mosquito. He knows it. That’s the Christ. He’s willingly going to his death, but he will be resurrected. And the way he’ll be resurrected is, he will finally join the hip-hop community. What he always wanted.”

Nelly Says Respect Is Earned And Lost With KRS-One

Vanessa Satten of XXL magazine recently caught up with Nelly who was talking a lot about KRS-One even without being asked about the beef. Nelly explained, “If you got a problem with me, call me. Don’t make sneak raps. He should have come to me and said, ‘Nelly, I really didn’t appreciate when you said that people shouldn’t judge what is real hip-hop.’ He’s KRS-One. I would’ve been like, ‘I’m sorry, my fault KRS.’ Now you got some people like, ‘Nelly’s not respectin’ his elders.’ This ain’t got nothin’ to do with that. Respect is earned. It’s also lost.”

Should Hip Hop Fans Boycott ‘Nellyville’?

Before the new Nelly album ‘Nellyville’ dropped yesterday, Davey D. shared his thoughts pro and con on whether people should take a cue from KRS-One and boycott the disc. Davey mentioned his huge success with ‘Country Grammar’ and the recent success of the first single off his new album ‘Hot In Herre’ but said, “On the other hand, Nelly has come to epitomize everything that is wrong with Hip Hop to the underground/KRS-One fan. There are many that see Nelly as a manufactured icon. His constant exposure on MTV and on the commercial air waves is often viewed as the result of the major label hype machine at work.”

He added of hip hop’s older acts, “Somehow they have been pigeonholed as ‘over the hill,’ ‘out of touch’ and ‘irrelevant to Hip Hop.’ That’s very different from the type of response rock fans will have toward a group like No Doubt which hit the scene around the same time as a Public Enemy or KRS-One.” Read more.

Nelly Addresses ‘Do-Rag And KRS-One Controversies

MTV News chatted with Nelly recently in an in-depth feature which included his take on a few controversies he’s been involved with. Nelly addressed the KRS-One lyrical/press battle as well as the heat he got for not being more active in the boycott of Union Station Mall in St. Louis after he was kicked out for breaking its no- ‘do-rag policy. On the KRS-One subject, he fumed, “I wouldn’t have tried to answer, but [KRS is] a hypocrite. Flat out, no other way to fu**ing explain it. It baffles me. It’s like, ‘Damn, you call me commercial rap? You do commercials. You’re the Sprite man.’ Who you making money for, KRS? You’re making money for the same man whose kids buy my album. But I’m commercial? I’m the sellout? No, you’re making money for this man so his daughter can buy my album.” Read more, including video clips of the interview here.

Nelly Finally Speaks Out About KRS One

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Even while helping *NSYNC look for a girlfriend, southern rapper Nelly has time to keep the beef with one of hip hop’s pioneers. He recently spoke to DaveyD.com about the KRS-One feud, calling his opponent a hypocrite. The pop-star explained the accusation, saying, KRS “changes his mind every day.” He went on to point out KRS’s former claim that his crew, Boogie Down Productions, were “just about getting paid,” and now he is “telling people not to get paid off rapping.” Read more.

Free Says Of Nelly – KRS One Battle: ‘That’s Their Beef’

MTV News spoke with Freeway about the remix track for ‘Roc The Mic’ which features Nelly spittin’ on the attack at KRS One. “That’s their beef,” Free said of the conflict between the two rappers. “We didn’t work in the studio together. I ain’t got nothing to do with that. I didn’t know they was beefing until I heard that. I [like] KRS-One because he is one of the originators of rap.” Read more.