Kurtis Blow Visits ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto’

Kurtis Blow visited Fox News Channel’s ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ to talk about preaching a positive message with the new television show ‘Hip Hop Church America’.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Cassidy’s ‘B-Boy Stance’ Video Shoot

Cassidy, Jazzy Joyce, Swizz Beats, and Kurtis Blow were photographed on the set of the new Cassidy video ‘B-Boy Stance’, shot in Brooklyn, New York.

Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

Kurtis Blow Takes Hip-Hop For A Visit To Its Past

Matthew Lurie of the Chicago Tribune was on hand for the Kurtis Blow concert Thursday night at the Double Door. Lurie writes, “Replete in a gleaming red-and-white Adidas track suit and baseball cap turned slightly to the right, Blow made no attempt to cast himself as anything but a carefree tour guide. Even so, for a performer who received the 2003 Pioneer Award from The Source Magazine, his interaction with the audience in the half-filled room was perfunctory. Many in the crowd, mostly people old enough to have lived through Blow’s early ’80s heyday, did not seem to know quite what to make of the former star’s banter.”

Kurtis Blow Speaks On Hip-Hop’s Past, Present & Future

Contributed by AdamBernard:

In October Kurtis Blow and DJ Luv Bug Starski were honored by Mega Bass Productions during a Hip-Hop Summit in Connecticut. While they were there the two icons took the time to speak with me in separate interviews. For part one of those interviews, my conversation with Kurtis Blow, click here.

Gina Lynn & Kurtis Blow At Eminem DVD Release Party

Kurtis Blow and porn star Gina Lynn were on hand at the party by Ivy Supersonic to celebrate the release of the Eminem DVD in New York City on Wednesday (March 26). Blow did a midnight performance at the bash.