Music Videos And Movies Go Hand In Hand Says Kurupt caught up with with Kurupt and asked him why he thinks hip-hop artists are moving to film so much more than any other genre. “It goes hand it hand,” says Kurupt, who stars in ‘Half Past Dead’ with Ja Rule and Steven Seagal. “Videos ain’t nothing but mini-movies. Look at a lot of these videos we have to act. We have a girlfriend, gotta sing or rap to them, and if they ain’t doing music they have to act.” Check out the entire interview here.

Kurupt & Ja Rule Taped New Endings For ‘Half Past Dead’

Kurupt tells that the original version of ‘Half Past Dead’ that the original version had he and Ja Rule killed off in the movie. “When they played the movie originally people did not like the fact that me and Ja died so they had to film me and Ja into the script towards the ending,” Kurupt said. Director Don Michael Paul took viewer reaction into consideration and revised the film to keep the pair alive.

Kurupt Says Tha Row Is Going To Release N.I.N.A. First

Kurupt tells MTV News he’s helping Suge Knight put out some long-discussed releases from Tha Row. “Right now I’m just sitting behind that desk, I’m planning on chilling out for a little bit,” he said last week. “I’m going to concentrate on these movies and running this company side by side with Suge. I’m the Senior Vice President of Death Row. We’re patching up Crooked I’s album right now. The first release is going to be Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez’s album, The N.I.N.A. album, that’s the first record we are going to release from the company.” Read more.

Kurupt Responds To Disses For Joining Tha Row reports Kurupt recently premiered a response record he wrote about former cohorts Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger on the B-Side radio show on KKBT in Los Angeles. The rapper questioned why Dillinger, his former partner in Tha Dogg Pound, and Snoop would not respect his decision to rejoin the ranks of their longtime nemesis Suge Knight. Kurupt wrote the song as an open letter, asking in the first verse whether families are supposed to fall out over “emotional acts” or “who you chose to do business with.”

Master P, Kurupt, Outkast’s Dre Do ‘Hollywood Homicide’

MTV News reports Master P, Outkast’s Dre (Andre Benjamin) and Tha Row rapper Kurupt are set to appear in the upcoming movie ‘Hollywood Homicide’ starring Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett. The flick is in its fifth week of filming with approximately nine weeks remaining, the source said. It’s expected to hit theaters in August. Read more.

Suge Knight Allegedly Kidnaps Kurupt

MuchMusic reports Kurupt’s record label, DPG Recordz is accusing Suge Knight of kidnapping the rapper after he apparently refused to sign on Tha Row. A posting on the DPG website (I can’t find it though) says, “Currently we don’t know where Kurupt is, Daz (his labelmate) doesn’t know, Fredwreck doesn’t know, Snoop doesn’t know, Kurupt’s manager doesn’t know. So as you can see this is a very trying time for the DPG family.” Kurupt was last seen on Monday night boarding a plane to New York with associates of Suge Knight and hasn’t made contact with anyone since.

Kurupt Lands Movie Role

Flo Anthony reports Kurupt has landed a movie role in ‘Dark Blue’, where he’ll portray a relentless hired killer with a comedic edge. Kurupt reportedly told a source how he landed the role: “They sent my manager a bunch of scripts and he just said: ‘Do you want to go out and read for this?’ I said: “I might as well,’ and I went out and read out and smashed him from the door.” has since been shut down.

Speculation Over, Kurupt With Death Row Again reports Suge Knight went on the air Thursday to give an interview with Hot 97 in New York. By his side was Kurupt, ending speculation that Kurupt had decided to stay with Snoop’s label Dogghouse Records. Suge promised to return to Hot 97 on Monday along with Kurupt to give a full, all out interview and answer all questions about the ‘strangeness’ of this situation. Read more.

DPG Recordz Spokesman Denies Kurupt On Tha Row reports a spokesperson for DPG Recordz has denied reports from Death Row Records that they’ve signed Kurupt to a contract. The spokesperson blasted, “Let me officially tell all of you THIS IS NOT TRUE. Tha Row offered Kurupt a contract. Kurupt turned it down and nothing was inked. If Tha Row claims they have Kurupt signed tell them to scan the CONTRACT and post it on the internet so the fans could see the truth. This is, yet, another promotional tactic used to focus all eyez on Tha Row. Anyone that doubts us, we’re going to have VIDEO of Kurupt later this week, and he’ll tell us exactly what he’s up to.”